labatt blue ad

anyone else see the new labatts blue commercial, where they proudly procllaim they are named after the 'legendary canadian football team' the winnipeg bluebombers?...its like a little CFL ad....nice.

also, the futureshop ad, where the salesman is talkin about the distance he is from the big screen tv...the tv's are all showing the bc lions vs ottawa 'gades.....



I saw the future shop one. I'll look for the labatts.

I knew it!!! That is why Blue is my favourite beer, although it should be called Orange!

My favorite beer is the Blue Dry. I can't get that stuff down here next time i come back from Canada i got to get some of that stuff at the duty free shop.

(An example of drinking too many Labatts Blue!)

...Kanga is ever the optimist....but I know one thing is for sure...the Grey Cup is going to Winnipeg.....whose hands it end up in another story...goBig Blue....and long live the other blue guys.... Labatts...waiter bring me and Kanga another.. :shock:


Favorite beers are VB, MB, La Batt Blue, Molson, La Fin De Monde, Mikkos, Moosehead, Asahi, Sapporo. (Fosters kinda) used to like Genusis.


okay Kanga ...order a round of all of them....they sound terrific....I like Blue....Molsons....and Becks is a good european one...and Hieneken...and......better quit this i.m getting a little thirsty.. :smiley:

Don't like blue much. I'm a Great Western Lager guy. gotta support the local economy. plus its one hell of a good beer.

I've developed a taste for Corona's now.......

All I've been buying lately has been the GW Pilsner... I got a free beer glass with 2 of the last 3 cases I bought, but I think they may have run out by now. I've tried to support the local economy, but didn't really like Big Rock, or that Crest stuff..... so I'll support my former local economy instead.

Sportsmen, you know what they say about Corona and what the employee's do down there while it is brewing. tinkle, tinkle, tinkle...

No I didn't and thanks for sharing! :cry:

I don't care if you don't like it, if you say your a Bomber fan, and you don't drink Blue every once and a while, you aren't a fan, you gotta support the team, DRINK BLUE!!!.

same goes for Molson and Al fans.

Thats one of the most absurd argumenst I have ever heard. Does that mean if I am a flames fan, I have to light a match every once in awhile to support the team.

Oh and I am a habs fan not a flames fan, I just used that as an example.


Not a big beer drinker .................but Great Western does make some darn fine beers

I agree Billy.....Makes no sense!

KK for a college guy, you make me wonder where you get some of your stuff!

Saw the ad last night, nice to see Labatt's, a company where my Dad worked for 35 years, get back in to the CFL with showing the Bombers. Nice and good for Molson's to be a sponsor of the CFL.