LA Rams attendance (or rather lack of)

It's no secret at all that the NCAA draws more people than the NFL. In fact... it's always been like that, and all over the US. Every single Div. I team has more fans than any NFL team.

Today's games in LA

Brutal crowds. Chargers couldn't come close to selling out a 27k stadium. Looks good on Dean Spanos.

The last 2-3 seasons of the LA Raiders were pretty brutal for attendance. I remember games around 1993 where the camera would pan over whole sections with 3-5 people in them.

L.A. is not an NFL city.

I actually went to an LA Rams playoff game at the Coliseum way back in December 1978 as part of a sports trip to LA to see the Kings and Lakers at the Fabulous Forum, the Rams, the Rose Bowl game and a UCLA basketball game at Pauley Pavilion.

The Coliseum is massive. At the time they had the one end of the surface area covered with a huge section of several thousand portable endzone seats - that we sat in. It helped make the stadium a bit more intimate. The Roman columns at the one end of the permanent stadium seats were a good 40 yards beyond the back of the portable stands we were in. It's that big.