LA Rams attendance (or rather lack of)

Announced as 60,000 but there were no more than 10-12,000 in the stands. I wonder if the Rams use the counter that Rogers use for the Jays and TFC??? And where is all the "bush" league calls on the Rams and the NFL from the media in Canada? Because sure as anything they would do this if a CFL stadium was less than 10% full!!

Re : "no more than 10-12,000 in the stands"

Seriously? Do you have a pic?

Nevermind. Found it. Yes, you are right, there was NO one there.

A picture says a thousand words or in this case 10,000!

How could they think it was smart to put not 1 but 2 teams in LA?

Just wait until they move the Raiders to Las Vegas!!! Las Vegas Posse Pt.2 anyone??

In fairness they did get torched in the media. At least in the American media.

That's allot of no shows if they're saying 60K sold and distributed.

Next week the Chargers home opener in 30K Stub Hub Centre takes place. Rams at home to the Redskins at the same time.

Will there combined actuall attendance reach the league average?

I think the folks in St. Louis and San Diego will laugh the loudest.

As long as they stay out of Toronto, I'm good.

With expansion teams destined for St Louis and San Diego (and possibly Oakland), to replace the ones that moved, I don't see a team in Toronto in our lifetime.

Check out the attendance for the San Fran game...

It will be interesting to see what happens when both teams move into the same new stadium down the road. Will either the Rams or Chargers draw better crowds? Right now in the LA market - USC still rules. Here their crowd against Stanford Saturday night.

The terrible attendance in California is getting lots of attention down south.

The Chargers better hope they fill every seat of their 30 k stadium this year, will be quite embarrassing if they don't.

this is Toronto's NFLstadium once everyone understands the season tickets are $6000 each with seat licences of $2000 to $80000 a pop

1.5 billion CDN for a stadium + 2 billion CDN for a franchise and 1/2 a billion startup capital. Sign me up I'll take 2. Forgot to tell the people of Canada that theywill need to pay for the Toronto team and stadium. It will be Canada's team!

Scotiabank will give them $100 million a year if they allow them to stencil something on the toilet paper. That's a damngood deal.

I sense deep sarcasm - at least I hope I do.

NO NFL in Canada. Glad these teams are tied to L.A., and the NFL will need to replace the teams in St Louis and San Diego with expansion. Then off to Mexico City.

Too bad, so sad, for all those who want an NFL team in Canada - we KNOW who they are.

very deep. How do you like the Scotiabank toilet paper?

There is absolutely no expansion team on the horizon in STL.

Same with San Diego and Oakland unless something dramatically changes and new NFL stadiums are actually built in those cities.

Since this thread is turning into a NFL-into-Toronto-possibility thread, as so many do, I don't think the interest is there at all for an NFL stadium in Toronto when the Rogers Centre will eventually need to be bulldozed and a real true baseball stadium will need to be built for the Jays who have a huge fan base that will want a new baseball facility. Once that roof at RC needs a massively expensive refurbishment, and I'm sure that will happen at some point, look for all the energy into a true baseball park for the Jays. Really, how long can Toronto go with a cereal bowl round stadium that will just look so stupid if it doesn't already, compared with the cool new angled parks as a baseball stadium should look? And cool older true parks like Wrigley and Fenway? I don't think Rogers should be looking at spending a lot of money on the RC anymore but rather start thinking to the future with a new facility. The fans are going to come to the RC in the meantime, there are so many Jays fans, as long as they have a chance to win. But at some point I think many of them will say to Rogers, why spend millions say on going to grass or whatever, make a fund and start banking on it for a new facility.

I was watching that game and there were more people than that as the game progressed. That picture is from 1:30 into the first quarter. I agree announced attendance of 60k is not good for LA, but to post a pic from the start of the game and claim 10k people showed up is definitely not accurate. To be fair, if you posted a picture from the first minute of a sold out CFL game it would look somewhat embarrassing as well....

100% agree that placing two teams in LA, from 0 teams, is stupid on the NFL. Not to mention, no one in LA wants the Chargers, they are pissed it's not the Raiders moving there.

What a total mess pro football is in the state of California. It'll be interesting if the NFL can dig itself out of this pisssss pot.

Steve Young summed up the LA Coliseum well in a USFL documentary I saw a few years back. He talked about a crowd of 7,000 looking like about 50 people there, simply because of the sheer size of the stands. Remember... it holds almost 100,000. 93,607 to be exact.

Looks like they've got close to a full house there tonight again for a USC game - this time against Texas.