La Presse ignores Als - again

Once again, La Presse goes out of its way to suppress any coverage of professional football in Montreal.

While its front page wastes prime surface area in reporting the results of a meaningless November Habs game - a lobsided loss at that- there is not a word, not a mention on this page, about the local football team overcoming the largest win/loss deficit to make the CFL playoffs. Nada. Nothing in today's electronic Bulletin either, to suggest there was an event at Percival Molson stadium yesterday.

All Habs, all the time, we have profits to make. This type of blatant myopia goes beyond editorial license and highlights the dubious journalistic standards adopted by La Presse.

And CKAC/Als liquidated their biggest backer : Charles Andre Marchand... Yay!

L'attitude de La Paresse envers les Alouettes est la plus belle expression de sa mentalité Elvis Gratton.

Les pages sportives sont là pour vendre des annonces, pas pour donner de l'information pertinente.