L.A one of largest city in the world and like TO cant fill their own stadium

Biggest home game ever in L.A Rams 2.0 franchise history and the entire stadium is full of visitors.

Toronto's problem is not the CFL. Its what makes up the city and how it interprets residents identity while living in the city. Most ppl in LA that are not from LA are similar to reasons why ppl move to Toronto.

Hate their life.
Thinking they are someone finally moving to a bigger city.
Want a change of scenery due to past issues.

Most sports fans in LA are baseball, lakers, hockey, college sports.

Its incredible how bad the media covers them as well for such a large city.

And whats worse. They have 2 franchises playing in the same stadium nowhere near where NFL fans are.


Maybe you're on to something (or on something).

If only Torontonians could feel good about themselves by supporting their CFL team and filling their CFL stadium to capacity on a regular basis. Maybe the tall foreheads at CFL Headquarters (located in downtown Toronto beside the bus terminal inside the men's public washroom) should roll out some sort of subliminal positive thinking campaign during Argonaut games that could turn all those hometown frowns upside down. :smiley: :+1:

Yeah, it was quite evident for sure.

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Oh well there are many reasons for this reality that is nothing new to Southern California and pro sports teams, and those would be likely each be one thread for sake of more substantive discussion.

Underlying the multiple complex reasons SoFi Stadium was even able to happen, after what was a struggle for decades that had a chapter with the Los Angeles Raiders (the ESPN documentary about the fiery feud between Al Davis and Pete Rozelle, who represented the more influential of the NFL owners then [and their sons now] was done quite well), is that Los Angeles will always be a media centre with Hollywood.

We will get a sense of new theatrics in the upcoming Super Bowl.

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A few weeks ago before the game at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, where the fans of the 49ers showed up en masse as well, was a discussion about how such a vast and new venue, designed even more for special events than only pro football, was LESS of a home field advantage.

I tend to agree with this view, and going forward we shall see if construction of new stadiums continues in the mold of a "vast outdoor entertainment park" or rather, akin to the stadium in Seattle, constructed to some greater degree for the home field advantage.

Have they considered adding a third and/or fourth team? Cause apparently that’s the way to go to get a market going.

The Argos were getting over 44,000 fans a game back in the 1970s.

Started to decline with the arrival of the Blue Jays in 1977.

Losing to the Rough Riders and Roughriders was more embarrassing than to the Red Sox, Yankees etc.


Predicted CFL marketing response after they read your post (it'll take a year):

"Get your season tickets now to watch the 2023 Retro 1970's Toronto Argonauts play their opening game against the newly renamed Ottawa Roughriders!!!"

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