L.A. Galaxy eliminated: Bring on David Beckham and a SELLOUT

the L.A. Galaxy just got eliminated from the MLS Playoffs; bring on David Beckham !

Let's watch David Beckham draw a crowd to beautiful BC Place when the overrated BC Lions apparently can't and won't ever again

Sadly, just goes to show you the BC Lions aren't really that big a deal compared to an international superstar like David Beckham. Mabey Neil McRae was right when he said that the Lions "have about 30,000 fans".

BRING ON 60,000 BABY !

Dudsmell is that you?

Beautiful BC Place?? Have you been there??

Its not hard to draw 60000 for a single event, doing it over and over wouldnt happen for just the novelty of watching Beckham.

In BC, the Lions > Beckham, dont kid yourself. You think that if the Galaxy played their season in BC Place it would be 60000 every game? I really dont think so.

Neil McRae just says what he thinks will stir up the bees, thats how he stays employed...with a bit of controversy. If you take what he thinks seriously, you need to give your head a shake. Did McRae notice that the Lions drew 37000? Were 7000 non fans or just Edmonton fans? please! And does Neil McRae think that every Lions fan goes to every game? Im a fan and couldnt make the game and Im sure there are lots like me...or those that cant afford to go or are too far away. McRae is a smoke blower.

Where the hell did that come from? Why would you even say that? Is that you Ted Rogers? Jesus Christ could play soccer and I wouldnt go see him.

37,000 is disgraceful in a city of 2 million people. You mean the BC Lions can't draw more than 37,000 out to such an important football game in a city of 2 million people? What's wrong with this town??? What are the other 2 million people doing?

I mean what are people in this town doing with their time??? Seattle gets 67,000 every game cause they're a big deal and if they built a 100,000 seat stadium, they'd fill that too. They have a waiting list just to get season tickets.

It was disgraceful to see 23,000 empty seats last night. How do you think the Lion players feel seeing all those empty seats? They must feel as if their winning isn't appreciated

I'm ashamed of Vancouver

Your preaching to the choir.

Seattle has 1.5 million more people than Van, so that helps fill stadiums.

UMM for one don't kid yourself that isn't a very important game. Sure it clinched the west final but there were 2 other games for us to win 1 against the woefull Ti-cats. Secondly, we drew 5,000 more people than last game, which is a good accomplishment. Comparing the Lions to the Seahawks is like comparing apples to oranges. The Lions are second in average attendance in a league that doesn't regularily sell out against a team in a country where football is #1.

37,000 is a good turnout for the lions hopefully we can get 40,000 against Calgary and 50,000 in the western finals!!

There are lots of reasons Im sure there are a lot that are just lazy. Lets face it life get faster and more complicated everyday. Im from Kelowna and we used to go to a few games a year but when you get older it gets harder and harder its a huge production now to organise etc. And it gets harder and harder to pry my ass off the sofa.

120db it's posts like this that gets you no respect. Here or over at linebackers you get no respect because of asinine posts like this one. Do you still have your head up your butt or something??

Well considering the actual population of Vancouver is somewhere near 600000 to start with. Granted, with the very close surrounding cities you get over 2 million within an hours drive.

Comparing Seattle to Van is ass. In Seattle, football is the king, in Van it is hockey. In comparison, you think Seattle would support a hockey team as much as Van does? Probably not. Apples and oranges there.

The biggest thing, ever heard of variety and choice? In Van you have a lot more entertainment variety and choice than you do in many of the other CFL cities that draw more per capita. You have mountains, thick forests and salty waters right here. Geography alone gives you so much more to do than in places where there is only lakes and fields etc.

Also consider that a large number of people living in and around Van are from countries that dont really have football so you wont get too much interest from them.

Pretty easy to figure out. And 37000 is nothing to be ashamed at all about. Basically a mean nothing game vs the last place team in the West drawing 37000 is good.

Be quiet attendance boy.

37000 , wow that’s pretty good attendance for a regular season game . Congrats Lions for getting a good crowd , hopefully they can build on that number next game. To think only a few short years ago it was hard to get 20000 . Good job BA !

Here's another comparison between Seattle and Vancouver for you 120db. On Saturday, with 37 000 fans at BC Place the Vancouver Giants drew over 7000 at the Coliseum. Their WHL rivals the Seattle Thunderbirds rarely draw more than 3000, including playoff games.They drew 3000 Friday night vs the Giants and no major Seattle team was also playing that night.

Conclusion? Seattle likes football more than Vancouver does. Vancouver likes hockey more than Seattle does. Two different cultures, why get angry about it?

Now someone correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the Galaxy game at about 40 000 tickets sold?

I notice a lot of empty seats in miami for the pats game. Not all their games are sellouts and they got way more people to draw from.

If the NFL had 80 teams, they wouldnt be filling many stadiums either.

Why don't you spend less time attacking me and address the issue. We have Kent Gilchrist this morning comparing the BC Lions to a "Dynasty". The Lions are better relatively speaking in the CFL than the Dolphins are in the NFL.

The Lions are winning. People like a winner. So why don't more people care? They still get more fans in Montreal and Edmonton. They had 44,000 in the Big Owe Saturday.

And the Beckham game is close to 50,000 so try figuring that out. Vancouver is an event town. Vancouver gets excited if something is pumped up in the media, like the Rolling Stones. 51,000 tickets gone in 3 minutes. Or the Seahawks for the NFC Final Game, 67,000 gone in 8 minutes.

The reasons for lions attendance woes

1 - still less population density within game day travel distance than most, if not all, NFL teams.

2 - too many first and second gen canadians here who have not grown up with the CFL tradition

3 - new canadians are inundated with USA media selling them NFL and NBA and MLB, while local media sells them on NHL

4 - edmonton has nothing but their sports teams to support, and greater percentage of multi generation canadians.

if we had world calibre players here playing on a world calibre team in a world calibre league, then said soccer team would also usually outdraw the lions because of all the people we have here from soccer playing countries. its a sad reality.

120db you answered your own question. Also didnt Ozzy play that night as well? This is interesting as well I know a guy that does WHL games for a radio station and he tell me that if you go to a Seattle/ Kamloops game in Seattle and Kamloops is ranked first in the country they get 3000. If it was Seattle/Portland and Portland could be last in the country they get 5000. They dont want to see the Canadian teams.

then the answer is the Lions have to do better marketing. Tickets for the Western Final aren't going to sell "automatically". if they want to outdraw David Beckham for the Western Final, which I hope they will, then the game has to be marketed, promoted.

Commercials on TV, on the radio, half page ads in the papers.

You've got to spend money before you can make money. This will be the FOURTH Western Final in a row and I'm still waiting to see the Lions make a big marketing push. I see no imagination in what the team is doing marketing wise.

For example, though it won't happen this year cause the Seahawks play same day at the WF, but why haven't the Lions taken more seriously the thought of bringing the Seahawks Blue Thunder as a half time attraction for the game?

The Alouettes did a Monster Truck show at half time Saturday in the Big Owe and drew 44,000.

I'm not against the Lions. I'm trying to light the fire a bit and get some ideas going on how we can increase the crowds.

I don't wanna see 23,000 empty seats at games! The Lions are a good team and deserve better than 23,000 empties in a Metro area of 2 million, regardless of these "Seattle" theories and reasons.

I wanna see a Full Stadium like in the 1980s. I fondly recall those days. Mervyn Fernandez and Roy Dewalt. Ned Armour, Al Wilson, Larry Crawford, John Henry White, and John Pankratz. What's wrong with that? Nothing at all.

Whats a blue thunder? Theres nothing wrong with that what you said I agree. They should have a couple parties a year for all the media types and convince them to talk about the Lions more in between the songs instead of telling us what Britney Spears had for breakfast and if she was wearing underwear today.

At least in Vancouver, we have Grey Cup Parades.

Well if I was not stuck in small town Saskatchewan, I would have been at the game. GO LIONS GO!!!