Kyries Hebert

Je ne sais pas trop quoi penser de la situation de Hébert dans l’alignement.

Certes, il est un vétéran qui a apporté une capacité de pression sur le quart et qui a fait une grande contribution sur les bottés. Il a eu un bon leadership au sein de l’équipe et demeure un actif intéressant. Mais d’autre part, Hébert n’est pas exactement un maraudeur typique et je me demande s’il aura vraiment cette place dans la nouvelle défensive des Alouettes.

Sauf dans la mesure où il s’agit encore de faire réfléchir l’attaque adverse avec la possibilité d’un blitz du maraudeur, est-ce que Hébert demeure un avantage pour les Alouettes ou serait-il plus intéressant d’y voir un maraudeur plus en couverture?

Les Alouettes sont déjà très pourvus en secondeurs de qualité, alors on voit mal Hébert s’y trouver une nouvelle niche s’il fallait lui trouver une nouvelle affectation. Pour ma part, il demeure un point d’interrogation.

I still think his true calling is WILL linebacker. He can play close to the LOS, blitz if necessary, track down the run in backside pursuit, deliver big sticks to the ball-carrier, and be responsible for shallow flat coverage where his limitations (lack of foot speed, suspect cover skills) aren't exposed. With Rod Davis gone, I think there should be a fair battle between Hebert and Ingram for the starting WILL spot in training camp. The loser can rotate, as we used to do with Ferri and Guzman.

At this point WLL or MLB is ideal. Should only play safety in red zone defense.

I definitely don't see him at S. "Pourri" against the pass. Winston Venable is a better S than Hebert. If Hebert makes the team,it will be as LB. Tough competition between him,Ingram and Kuale.


Hebert's age may work against him. . . let's see what happens in training camp.

I don't think Hebert is going anywhere. Kuale is a lot like Ferri I am not sure he's an every down linebacker in the CFL. I really would not be comfortable with Brouillette, Townsend and Edem at safety. Brouillette has had a hard time staying healthy. Its really hard to figure out at this point other then Popp is giving as many options to the coaching staff as possible. What would really help us Is if one of Adebayo or Ihekwoaba can make a bigger contribution.

Agreed about RZ safety duty, but MLB? After the season Emry had, why move him from MLB?


I really would not be comfortable with Brouillette, Townsend and Edem at safety. Brouillette has had a hard time staying healthy. Its really hard to figure out at this point other then Popp is giving as many options to the coaching staff as possible.
I honestly think the long-term plan is to start a NI at safety, even if it doesn't happen this season. Edem will likely be groomed to take over safety duties. As for Brouillette, safety is a less punishing position than linebacker, so maybe that will help him stay injury-free. And I frankly have no problem trying out Townsend at safety. We're set with our starting seven anyhow (5 O-line, FB/TE, and MLB) so we can go back to import at S in the short term if necessary. But in a year or two, I think Edem is going to be the guy.
What would really help us Is if one of Adebayo or Ihekwoaba can make a bigger contribution.
Adebayo's a possibility, but I've given up on Ihekwoaba TBH.

I am not suggesting he be moved. Just where he fits. With Emry's concussion history. Its nice to have an experienced guy like Hebert as insurance.

Hebert can't back up Emry. It's a ratio issue. And if you don't want Brouillette at safety, why not have him back up Emry, which maintains the ratio?

We'll see how it all works out. We tend to play 8 NI so I'm not worried. I really don't see Brouillette as a MLB. He does not have the right temperament for the job. Brouillette is really smart and a great athlete. Like you I see him as a luxury backup and ST guy.

I like my veterans, and although Hebert is not your prototype safety, he definitely gave our defense an attitude last season and was a special teams demon.

Here is what Popp said to Herb about possible possition shifts.:

Canadian Shea Emry is the Als' starting middle-linebacker, but Marc-Olivier Brouillette, another non-import, has been used in the middle and on the weak-side, along with import Kenny Ingram. Veteran import Kyries Hebert was superb in 2012 at safety.

"We know (Edem) can do both. What's he going to be the best at? We'll figure that out," Popp said. "If he's good enough to be the free safety, maybe Hebert's the (weak-side) linebacker. If he or Brouillette are good enough to be the (weak-side) linebacker, we can play an American safety."

Read more: ... z2SeVj6i8G

Looks like Brouillette will be Edem's mentor. He'll be great at it.
Hebert is our best athlete on defense. Sometimes not all the time age is just a number.
There are quite a few other guys in the mix too. Hollohan, Carter,Townsend,Milton.

We were only starting 7 NI last year: 5 O-line, 1 MLB (Emry), and 1 FB/WR (Lavoie & Deslauriers). With Bekasiak's retirement and the Als have no interest in starting a NI receiver, we need to make sure our NI depth is good. As Popp said in the interview sheldon posted, we'll have to see where players fit. I see Edem as being a safety in the long term but this season may be more about getting him adjusted to the pros and to our defense than shoehorning him into a specific position. Hebert is a great athlete, but not a great safety IMO. Playing him at WILL lets us max out his athleticism without the downside of him having to play center field in safety coverage. But if they're thinking of platooning Brouillette and Edem at Will, all bets are off. Should be very interesting to see how all the pieces fit.

Yeah it would be unfair to ask a rookie to start at safety, Good chance he will get eaten alive and then the whole season would be shot for the team.

Right now it looks like
5 OL

Brouillete/Edem safety
Adebayo/Ihekwoaba DL
Messam/Lumbala RB
Carter/Hollohan/Blackman at corner (real longshot)
The Als are also thinking of giving Mat Boulay's brother an opportunity on the Dline. Als should also consider Bringing in Etienne Boulay. Als will be on the lookout for any opportunity to acquire a defensive tackle either via trade or release wire.

Edem and Lumbala are going to get a real opportunity at some playing time.

Other option is to play a 3-4 again

Interesting camp... Lots of competition and change for sure.

Noooo 3-4 again, no no no. We don't have a nose-tackle to make it work and if I see John Bowman being forced to take care of backside pursuit and drop into shallow coverage instead of doing what he does best (annihilate the QB), Ima lose my mind. :smiley:

Interesting that the Eskimos traded Legare to their rival Stampeders. Eskimos were looking to trade Legare all off season. I don't remember but someone here suggested the Als acquire him. Maybe one of the media guys can ask Jim about what the team's plans are.

This was in the Calgary Sun yesterday on Legare:

The 29-year-old is recovering from shoulder surgery but hopes to be ready for the regular-season opener.