Kyries Hebert to retire as a member of the Alouettes

I just wanted him to answer a simple question... which he still hasn't done.

srsly he was never going to answer.

That's one strategy for attracting negative attention. Don't fall for it.

I know. He'll try to claim victory somehow. Patterns.


I was waiting for him to plead the 5th . :lying_face:


You are entitled to your opinion

I would encourage posters to go back and read the Marino threads and compare it to what’s being said here

Some people are consistent in not being supportive of that kind of play

Others have gone silent

Others are dismissing it as much to do about nothing

The only thing that’s clear is most of the other fan anger at Marino clearly had more to do with the team he played for and not the actual player.

We can’t go back and revisit old penalties but it certainly changes the entire conversation about fan support for dirty play and it’s relevance to team values.

It was a choice for he Als to sign him or simply thank him for his service. I hope the riders never have a change of heart and resign Marino for a one day hen he retires so he can leave in his terms.

That’s simply my opinion and I respect that others have their own

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Thank you for actually seeing my point.

Marino and Hebert are cut from the same unsportsmanlike cloth. Hebert was a better player, but both had no regard for the safety and well being of fellow players and for that NEITHER of them should be recognized for anything more than being dirty unsportsmanlike players.

Interesting story about another player who has always wanted to retire ala Hebert with the team he had the most success with and fondness for but the team has refused him his request .

From 3DN...

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I'm very sad to hear he was treated that way. It has changed and continues to change for the better, I hope. But even still, I cannot condone the behaviour he describes.

I'd be happy to see him retire a Rider.


I remember when he signed in Hamilton on a very bad team and his highlight moment was when he got food poisoning from eating a well past its due date Pizza Pop out of his roommates freezer . :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

I thought food poisoning was a Winnipeg thing :grin:

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I think signing a one day contract has significant meaning, that it forever cements a retired player to the club as a member of that fraternity for life…


We cycled thru so many different players back then that his roommate was probably some dumpster diving player we picked up from Winnipeg and he brought his Pizza Pops with him when he boarded the plane to Hamilton . :grin:

I can see why he would want his last jersey to be a rider one ..... players that couldnt get s break will always remember the team.thst gave them that opening to show the world what they can do.

I am saddened to hear of the exclusions and discrimination he faced. Its a reminder that.its not something of ancient times but litterly just a few years ago

This is why the CFL partipates in programs like "our diversity is our strength" type.campaings

Id have no issues with hik retiring a rider ..... im sure they could also partner on some community based diversity work