Kyries Hebert to retire as a member of the Alouettes

MONTREAL —  The Montreal Alouettes announced on Tuesday that Kyries Hebert will retire from professional football as a member of the Alouettes.

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WOW! I thought that Kyries Herbert had already retired from football. Didn't see him around for a few years. Wonder if he dissappeared and thought about all the Careers he has ruined. (Cornish for one)

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filthy dirty player.

Atleast one team had the integrity to actually cut all ties with a dirty player

Not that I’m a stamps fan but gotta feel for Cornish

Hopefully all of his teammates were extra cautious during that ONE DAY as an Alouette.
For old time sake, Hebert might go after a knee or make a horse collar tackle or head shot.
Hebert and Khalif Mitchell were very dirty players.
I have never understood the "retire as a member of..." ritual in football either.
Its dumb... not as dumb as the "gatorade shower" on the winning coach ritual, but still dumb.

So I have to ask , but what exactly do you get for signing a one day contract ?
Is it something like $ 100.00 and a Tim's card ?

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I bet the team pays for the round trip flight and hotel, but that's about it. But I'm not sure.

I get it for players who know they are going into the hall of fame for their sport that they may wish to retire as a member of that team

But this clearly isnt the case for this guy. I wonder if its actually a real contract or just a piece of fluff.

I get it the Al's and their fans are ok with those kinds of play .... to each their own.i guess . Its the CFL as a league that id bet has no role in this

I was not aware that Als fans were ok with this kind of play.

More like bus fare and a room at the Crawl Inn .

Havent seen anything apposing it .... kinda by default i suspose

The Als kept employing him, plus they're giving him a one day contract to retire as a member and representative of the team, and no complaint from fans, soooooo.... yeah

What do you expect us to do?
Protest in the streets?

Lots of Rider fans yelled very loudly for the team to cut Marino (not all, granted, but a large number). There were posts here, on the facebook page, on the radio show, and I would imagine emails to the team office.

I have heard not a whisper of this regarding Hebert, and I take the Als' fans' unanimous silence on the matter as tacit support for the player signing.

Take it how ever you like


but the Als team isn’t the same as the Als fans

Est ce que je suis le seul à voir l'ironie dans sa plainte ?

Rider fans got tarred for Marino's actions, even though a lot of us were actually calling him out. If we're held to such a standard, other fans should be held to the same standard.

The Als are endorsing one of the dirtiest players ever, and not a peep from the fanbase. If they don't support the team endorsing this player, let's hear it. Otherwise, I am left with no alternative but to believe they're good with dirty players on their own team.