Kyries Hebert ARRESTED

Ottawa Renegades linebacker Kyries Hebert was arrested in Texas for aggravated assault and later freed on bail.

''It was a marital dispute and the police were called,'' Hebert's agent J.R. Rickert told the Ottawa Citizen. ''The best way I can characterize it, is that he is very remorseful and very sad.''

The Renegades signed Hebert to a five-year contract extension in December, but that deal has not been approved by the league because of the amount of money that was guaranteed.

thats a good guy to have some football go home and beat the wife over a phone bill.all around good guy.what a nob.hope he brakes his leg first game of the year.i am sorry if i broke any forum rules for calling him a nob., he is a nob...........

....and not too nice a fella to have on your team....I think he lost all respect from fellow players....and probably all players in the CFL. through his stupid and criminal action....sorry but that's the way I see it...

Let's remember folks.... innocent until proven guilty.... This isn't communism.

The fact that "he is very remorseful and very sad" means to me that he has freely admitted his guiltiness. Agreed on the nob coment

...see, whereas I would have considered him to be something LIKE a nob, but it has five letters, starts with a "P" and ends with a "K".....only if he's guilty, of course.....

It seems like a problem that needs to be solved. But its not the only time it as happened with football players. I respect players being able to be fierce wad unforgiving on the field, but players must learn to control violence off the field. Hopefully he comes back.'s not just football players, though.....any person, regardless of whether it's a football player or an accountant, a man or a woman, a twenty-something or a sixty-something, has no right to react that way to another human being.....

Question, if he is convicted, what is the deal with immigration and all that with letting a convicted felon up here to play?? And would there be jail time and all that?

On a somewhat related note, well to my question at least, anyone heard if Tyrell Ulmer is out of Jail yet??

....IF....Hebert is convicted and sent to jail.....I believe he could be prevented from entering Canada....and if that happens ....what becomes of his contract with the Gades.... :?:

..........there is no contract........the league wouldn't approve the contract the Gades submitted because fo the 'gaurantee' basically the contract goes back to the drawing board........if Hebert is found guilty before training camp he won't be allowed in the country as a felon, even if he just has a suspended sentence.........maybe this saved the Gleibs a whole mess of cash.....

...I thought the Gliebs....worked out another deal for this guy......well you could be right RED....I know he will have trouble coming back into the country...for sure...If he is found guilty

.......if there was a new offer made after the league-rejected initial offer that one slipped by me........Gades fans?.......any news here?.......

He'll end up joing the ex-con lineup in Oakland...Randy Moss, etc, etc, :roll:

....yup....I believe that their new uni. could be orange. and jump-suit like...with a name and some strange identification on the back...I think they dropped the striped I'm not speaking from experience with regards to the attire... :?

Yes, Hebert and the Gades have a re-worked contract but it hasn't been registered with the league yet. Only the 2 sides have agreed on it. It includes signing bonus money up front.

Again boys and girls I remind you, that this is all alleged, and has not been proven. Can we not jump the gun like Americans would and let him have his time in court???