Kyle Walters - Ottawa Draft and Waiver Draft

In Sask he'd be behind Getzlaf and Bagg, when healthy but he'd be an immediate upgrade for them as the 3rd NI receiver over the likes of Jordan Sisco, Aaron Hargreaves, and whatever other no names they have for NI receiver depth. That's not really further down the depth chart where, depsite being the most reliable receiver in terms of staying on the field and making all the easy and tough grabs, he'd still be 3rd on the depth chart here according to some behind Watson and the still as of yet unrealized potential in Jade Etienne.

Bottom line IMO, regardless of where you slot him with the bombers, he's one of the few guy who has performed well on a regular basis for this club and it hurts to lose those guys.

From taking James Green LB WIN and then selecting Pottinger MLB Tor they sured up a couple of special teamers as well as solid Canadian players to back up at both the Will LB with Green and MLB with Pottinger. Green now in his prime mid 20's still has a chance to be a starter and Pottinger in his early 30's now was a former Canadian MLB starter so great selections.

Wallace Miles a top young receiver prospect and Kholert secures one Canadian Receiver spot for Ottawa. Two other great selections.

I hope he comes to the Riders , then we trade him back for Keith Shologan. I hate that we lost Keith!! Looks like we all lost some key players!

Why on earth would ANYONE want Kito or Cauchy? Joe Mack isn't running the Redblacks!

As for Cauchy, the RBs head coach Rick Campbell watched Kevin Glenn and the Stamps offense just completely expose him in the WDF to get the stamps into the 100th Grey Cup game. It was so bad Buono couldn't wait to show Cauchy the door. Then the stamps threw for almost 400 yards in each of their games against us this year.

They might've protected Kito going into round 3. Green is a surprising pick but you need those hustle guys to round out the special teams spots and Green does just that. And lets face it, Poblah hasn't really acquitted himself very well. The only memory I have of him from this season was dropping a pass laid into his hands wide open in the back of the endzone.

I would agree; Poblah didn’t show very well this year at all. I also only remember him dropping a perfect pass in the endzone, I believe that was another game we lost that could have been won.

I hope that this off season see’s some trades; recruitment and work in Free Agency to round out our team. We need to let go of some players to open up some cap space and get some decent players into our system. We will build up from there; I’m still waiting to see what we get going for Coordinators; from the sounds of it we are having difficulties getting the ones we wanted.

....My gawd couldn't see my tongue in cheek a mile away :lol: ..NOBODY wants these under performers, Kito AND Cauchy...I hope you have you're kidding hat on as well... :lol:...BUT the thing is we protected these guys and let a guy like Kohlert slip away...Redblax apparently have a good eye ...

....Watched the post entry draft with Kyle Walters....I'm more impressed with this guy everyday...Straight shooter and very savvy...He along with Wade and now O'Shea will have this team back to very respectable in no time :thup: :thup:

Kohlert didn’t think he would be taken given his free agent status, so he wasn’t sure what to think. He said he “most likely? would wait for free agency and said he would be interested in returning to Winnipeg.

If he signs a new deal with the Redblacks, however, it didn’t sound like it would be the end of the world for Kohlert, who emerged as a bona fide starting Canadian receiver in 2013 with 45 catches for 493 yards and three touchdowns.

.....Kohlert had a contract agreed to for 2014... Apparently he has a girlfriend in the Peg and it looked very much like he was returning...This could be a big miscalculation by Desjardins and maybe his early decision not to draft free agents should have been adhered to...I think Ottawa is going to get burned by this selection...(I guess the rumour that he wanted to play in sask. was bogus...or he wouldn't have been re-upping with us :roll: )