Kyle Walters - Ottawa Draft and Waiver Draft

Solid press conference by Mr Walters.
Information from that:
All teams, not just the Bombers were laying low, as to trades, 'til after the draft.

  • Once Ottawa names their QBs, the rest of the QB questions and answers will follow.
  • Factors such as age, salaries, injuries, and how 'good' a player is went into our protected list.
  • Trades may occur after Mon. when Ottawa has their roster.
  • Stated that Ottawa will just announce their roster, not piecemeal.
  • Winnipeg does not get other teams protected lists, just pretty well had to figure them out.
  • Winnipeg will get their QB even if they have to wait 'til FAgency. They will not do anything just to "appease" the media or fans, just do what's best for the club with the least risk. (i.e.. trading an asset for a FA who they might not be able to sign.)
  • Expect to get some players to fill the back end of the roster through the neg. list draft today. (think Taylor Renaud type of guy)

At noon Friday, the waiver draft was held and the Bombers ended up losing Mike DiCroce, but gained receiver Jordan Brescacin and offensive lineman Eric Armitage.

Seems like a wash at receiver DiCroce for Brescacin. A pair of top OUA all stars receivers catching passes from high profile QBs.
Advantage a well coached young Canadian Oline prospect from Western who has been pass blocking all season with a pro style QB in Will Finch.

Close enough at receiver, but keep in mind DiCroce's two injuries and the fact they didn't protect DiCroce, and they targeted Brescacin.
And another O-Line prospect.
Since when when can you get enough of those?

I thought that brecican would have had more of a shot with Hamilton but that spot seemed to go to draft pick Charbeneau - Campeau. Dicroce injuries may certainly stop his career befor it gets started.
As was mentioned a propect Canadian Olineman you can never have too many of them. Winnipeg is a team that needs a lot of.

Agreed DiCroce's injuries are a concern. At present we have Watson and Poblah at NI receiver who can't stay healthy. Hard to say if its just bad luck on his part or a if this will be a trend with him. Mind you that can change in short order here. Brescacin is almost 6 inches taller, bigger all around so he'll make a nice target and maybe be more resilient.

Walters did make a comment about how not overpaying for someone they can potentially sign in February once FA opens. Makes me think that Barker's asking price on Collaros before the expansion draft may have been quite high.

....This Brescacin kid sounds like he has a lot of potential....DiCroces injury was a little worrisome for me right out of the draft ...I was a little leery of picking him and my fears were correct...If you can't stay healthy in this league, your chances of hanging around are slim...I like the fact we picked up an o lineman as well...Armitage could be a nice find and Walters being very informed of CIS players and their potential makes this pick a sound one... :thup:

Hamilton was very high on bresacin. he spent 2012 on the PR for hamiton before returning to Windsor for a 5th season in which I beleive he was like a 1,000 yard recevier as well as all Canadian.
When Austin arrived however things change for his future in Hamiton but does not mean he can not succeed elsewhere.
Winnipeg has a big mix and depth at Canadian receiver prospects. Some high draft picks and some free agent findings. Kholerts strong play was no accident last year with a lot of competition for Canadian receiver spots will bring the best out of most players.
Eteinne started the season looking like he had turned the corner and he did but Kholert just played better. Kholert got his shot through some injuries and the bombers could not get him off the field he played so well.

On a side note What is the situation with Kris Robertson ? came on strong at the combine and also injured before the season like Dicroce. Like in Toronto where they may be going with a second year Canadian at Safety in Gabrie land Hamilton had rookie Courntey Stephan win the starting job right out I put Robertson in that category as a prospect that can move quickly into the line up at safety. Also overlooked could be Sherman Teague. The Bombers do have other young options at the Canadian Safety position besides Cauchy.

......I was looking forward in seeing Kris Robertson at camp...then he tore his achilles while working out and never reported... He was devastated and rightly so....This guy has all the potential in the world..Hope to see him in 2014 :thup:

Looks like he's planning on turning up:

@KROB23 Instagram: KROB23 •Winnipeg Blue Bomber Draftee on the road to recovery from torn ACL•

Hope he makes a full recovery.

Roberson unfortunetely lost a year on the field but did gain a year learing a pro defense. I could see him like Gabriel in Toronto, be ready to step into the starting line up at safety by the end of the season. He has the speed to make up a lot of ground and is perfectly suited to play safety in the CFL

So it's Wallace Miles. I wondered why Ed Tait and Penton protected him in their mock lists over other players like an Aaron Kelly that has produced more on the field. I guess they were right, there's something there that was attractive to the RBs.

Man their RB position will be a battle. They have signed 3 guys already and pick Chevon Walker from the Ticats.

DeMarco and Glenn give them a good.

Ottawa has drawn a line in the sand, for me, by taking Wallace Miles.

......Lost a good one in Miles...BUT Aaron Kelly would have been a bigger loss....Hope Wallace does well in Ottawa :frowning:

Wallace Miles and James Green taken from the Bombers thus far. Looks like Ottawa is stocking up on special team players more than anything else. Demarco was an interesting selection, Glenn not so much.

....Rory Kohlert....gonzo....Now that one hurts...Really good ni receiver....I thought he was an fa but IF he was/is, DeJardins is taking a chance on signing him in Feb....ouch.. :thdn:

? Did I miss something? Green was the first NI we lost, the 2nd NI round hasn't been announced yet. Where did you see that the RBs took Kohlert?

Green gives them a good special teamer. Considering our lack of overall NI quality and that quite a few of them are pending FAs, Green was a good pick. Doesn't have the same upside as say a Poblah but Green doesn't miss time with injury and has actually produced something on the field aside from dropped balls.

TSN is already reporting the third round; is slow off the mark. Kohlert was drafted from Winnipeg in the third round.

Kohlert was the only pending fa that Ottawa picked. Shows they must think highly of him.

Bah! website was finally updated. Ya, Kohlert was picked unfortunately. When you consider half our NIs are pending FAs, then you protect the next 12 heading into round 2, that right there is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Not surprising they would take a chance on sniping one of our better NIs before he hits the FA market. I can't give sources but apparently there was a rumour Kohlert was going to pull a LaBatte and go 'running back to saskatoon' :roll: ..It had to be something like that for us to protect Kito ... The improbability of re-signing Rory might have been the deciding factor....I don't know why Cauchy or Kito weren't high on the Redblacks list....maybe they knew/know something :thdn: