kyle Quinlin

Young or not, he's acted like a jacka$$. The world isn't solely about you and the ins and outs of your precious little life. Quinlan basically just spat in the face of a pro football organization. If he was ambivalent about attending our camp, he should have made a decision months ago to walk away. Waiting until the end of May to bolt is selfish and unclassy no matter how young or old you are.

The Als can just jettison another qb or two from the States into camp, you don't need Canadian qb's anyways as we all know, in the CFL with the rules.
It's still not an ideal situation, and not how you want to be treated. One injury in camp and suddenly you have a QB with zero CFL experience being given reps instead of guy with experience of the Canadian game. And as Hfx said, this gives the Als no motivation to sign a Canadian QB in future. Between Graves showing up 40 lbs overweight and Quinlan bolting, CIS football has been set back.

He obviously does not have the maturity or mental toughness to be a PRO.

First of all, can you quote that report? Second of all, it's a leap to suggest that short-notice invite meant they didn't think much of him. It may have been an organizational error; an injury may have opened up a spot for him. We don't know.

too bad someone like austin doesnt take him under his wing and develop him.
He had a chance to learn directly from pro football's all-time passing leader and he chose to bolt. :thdn:

Maybe he already knows everything he needs to know about football, and did not feel that his coaching career could benefit from spending more time learning from one of the all-time great QBs, and 50 or 60 other pro football players.

In that case, it proves the point that he doesn't have the maturity or mental toughness to be a QB.

There are two different issues here. One is his decision to walk away. Baffling to me, since he would have had a legit shot in camp, but if he wants to coach, that's his decision. The other issue is the timing of his decision, and that is what I find inexcusable.

D&P and HfxTC,

If Quinlan was on the Bombers and walked away from a #3or#4 QB position in pro football ,would you be so vile against him.
I would think not, it is only because it is the Als that you are upset with it
His chances of becoming the 2nd string QB after they signed Porter were astronomically low.
He was offered a coaching position at Mac where he is obviously very highly thought of.
You won't hear Mac supporters using the words "Jacka$$", "face spitting", "solely about you and your precious little life",
"selfish" and "unclassy" in describing Quinlan.
So you think that Quinlan should turn down what he may think is a dream opportunity to coach his old team so he could be a 4th arm at the Als training camp.
Kent Austin walked away from a Head coaching position in Regina to take a position coaching position at his Alma Mater at Ole Miss, how did that turn out for him.
Career football jobs are not a "dime a dozen" opportunities.
He was offered one and he took it.
Probably a good decision.

If you read my post carefully, you would know that the timing of his decision is what I find objectionable. I don’t care whether he wants to be a QB, a coach, or an astronaut – it’s completely immature to wait until days before training camp to walk away. And I would feel that way regardless of whether he was stiffing my team or yours or anyone else’s.

This is another example of what we, the outsiders, know about the total situation - not much. Perhaps sometime in the future we will get to see the entire situation, all the background info, and the timeline of who knew what when. Until then, it’s his life and his decision, let him get on with it.
As it says below: Those who matter don’t mind./ Those who mind don’t matter.

IMHO , it is you that is coming off as immature.
If his heart is not in it then he should not be at camp, and offer another player the opportunity at that spot.

If your only complaint is that MTL will now be short an arm in camp its a horrible one because there are a million qb’s you can get with a day or two notice to throw in camp. Quinlin wasn’t fighting for a starting job or even a backup, he was fighting for the third string job so you didn’t really lose that much.

Ticat camp is started and you guys want to talk about an Als QB that isn't even playing this year? Whatever makes you happy I guess...

I won't address it point by point. Quitlan being a no show is the same as Chris Williams not showing up.Quitlan signed a contract just a few months ago and the team's GM said himself that he would be COMPETING FOR A JOB. No rookies QB don't come in as #2 in this league they come in fighting for the #3 position. As for his dream job its not even a "Coaching position" it is an apprentice position that may lead to a coaching position.

In the end he may regret his decision down the road not having taken his shot.

The topic is Kyle Quinlan and it was started by a Ticat fan. You don't need a post grad degree to start a new thread.

Clearly, you have no sense of professional etiquette, i.e. how professionals, regardless of occupation, should conduct themselves. Your opinion of my maturity is beside the point, though it's quite telling in its own way: you obviously can't disagree with a poster here without attacking them personally.

What, they are not even similar. Williams wants to go to another league for more money and Quinlin just wants to quit... Players decide to give up all the time not really sure how this is any different.

So spelling his name as Quitlan instead of Quinlan more mature namecalling being used by our Friends from Als camp?
Or is this a simple spelling error, of course it was 2 spelling errors. :cowboy:

The Als fans that beat their right to visit here like a dead horse should respect the right of a player to choose their own path in life. It is Quinlin's life is it not? Would either of you be willing to live your life at Quinlin's disposal? If not then you shouldn't expect the same from him.

He is exercising a very basic human right to choose for himself. It doesn't matter or make any difference if you don't agree with his life choices.

Also, this thread is on the TiCat board, not the Als. Have issues with what TiCat fans post about Als players when they say them on the Als board.

Do you guys have any proper perspective at all?

Hey D&P,
I am not attacking you personally,
I can respectfully disagree with the best of them.
If I have hurt your feelings then I apologize.
I found your attack on Quinlan a little over the top, name calling is very poor etiquette, "regardless of occupation"IMHO.
I quite enjoy input from posters from other sites, I would guess that this is the only site that this is commonplace and is what makes our site the best in the league.

Just having a little fun Grover :wink:

We'll see how that flies in a few days when the Chris Williams saga comes to a conclusion. I see your 2013 training camp thread has four posts , three of them by you. Your just bitter cause your chatting with yourself aren't you ? I understand :thup: