kyle Quinlin

QB Kyle Quinlin has decided not report to montreal. Has taken job at mac with possible coaching position down the road, according to chch sports

:( nooooo :(

givin the history of canadian qb success in the cfl i say good choice kyle

I think that is a good decision for him. He probably did a lot of thinking in the offseason, and thought about the Vanier Cup and how much him and his team were dominated.

He does not have the arm strength (at least at this point) to play a CFL game with wide passes. But that's just my opinion.

That being said, he is one tough player. He was taking shots like Buck Pierce does in the Vanier Cup.

Terrible decision and he's just set back CIS quarterbacks years, the Als are left an arm short and will likely think about it long and hard before signing another CIS quarterback. Too young to be a coach and Patacheque should have just held the job open for him until the end of training camp.

Jesse Palmer all over again.

Until the full story comes out we wont know the reasons why he is doing this. Maybe there is an injury?

Maybe some of the coaches and players sat him down and said hes not good enough, strong enough, whatever.

According to Herb, he's decided to take a coaching apprentice job at Mac.

This is all the more reason to implement a specific Canadian QB roster spot.

Why is it a terrible decision? he is preparing for his future. The writing was on the wall, he was a CIS trained QB, he didn't get the coaching or the experience that an NCAA QB receives. Yes, he might have looked good against a CIS defense but the reality is he never played against a NCAA defense that are bigger, stronger and faster than he has ever faced.
The fact that Sinopoli in Calgary has hung around this long shows that he does have something special, despite the fact that he didn't get the training or competition that most other QBs coming from the NCAA have. It's very rare that a QB out of the CIS can impress and he didn't get the job because he met a quota.

If Sinopoli has something special, he'll have to show it as a wide receiver. The Stampeders have moved him from QB to the receiver position.

All the best to him. The CIS and CFL are different games like the NCAA is to the NFL, not all good or excellent college qb's are what coaches want in the CFL or NFL type of game.

He wasn't going to get a full opportunity I'm sure and that is based on what they saw of him in workouts so I would say he's making a wise choice from what I can tell.

Jim Popp openly said that Quinlan would get a shot to compete for a QB spot in training camp. He praised Quinlan's touch on the deep ball and went out of his way to stress that this wasn't a token signing. And then Quinlan pulls this. Not only walking away from the Als but doing it just before training camp, leaving us an arm short. Very poor decision-making and a lack of class. I agree with Hfx: brutal decision on Quinlan's part and he's set the cause of CIS QBs back.

Personally, I don't think he was going to get a real shot regardless of what was publically said by Popp, too many qb's from down south to compete with.

Even if that were true -- and there's no way to know now -- waiting until the end of May before walking is very very bad form.

Do we know that he didn't tell MTL about this earlier?

Well, maybe he didn't really know inside himself until recently what he wanted to do. He's a young man and as many young man are, me included when I was young, choices are difficult ones to make and you never want to make one too hastily.

The Als can just jettison another qb or two from the States into camp, you don't need Canadian qb's anyways as we all know, in the CFL with the rules.

Well, for starters, if they'd known earlier, they obviously would have brought in another QB. Furthermore, here's a story from a week ago in which Popp praises Quinlan:

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[i]The battle in camp will be between Porter, returning third-stringer Josh Nieswander and a Canadian, former McMaster star pivot Kyle Quinlan.

"Quinlan is very intriguing. He throws a (deep pass) like Ricky Ray does. And it's abnormal. And he can really do it well. He drops the ball right in. That's exciting. It will be fun to see them compete in camp and see where it goes. Quinlan will get a lot more reps. He's coming to camp to compete for a job."[/i]

Reports say he was only invited to the Als mini camp in florida a couple weeks ago with 2 days notice....that tells you what they thought of him....not much! too bad someone like austin doesnt take him under his wing and develop him.

Well if he had there would have been another QB signed in preparation for camp.