Kyle Quinlin

Looks like Montreal will sign him. Good luck young man


Wish him the best of luck for sure. :thup:

And Quinlan too. :wink:

If it Giguere for Quinlan

That could make BOTH of them happy!

Kudos to Jim Popp.

An Argo-Cat fan

Indeed. And, Popp's signing him only because of his talent.
Hamilton would have had bonus reasons for doing it. And, he could have been our only QB with experience on our "home" field in '13.

I think Montreal is just taking a closer look at him. If he signs there, where or if he will fit in, remains to be seen.
I definitely think he has the potential to become a starter in the CFL but as we all know, most starters in this league stem from down south. But I still wish him well.

interview with Popp and Quinlan.

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Doubt he'll get much playing time in Montreal!

His first couple of years will be spent running the scout team, and adapting to the speed of the pro game. It's probably best really that he's not in Hamilton. This way they can take their time with him and not have the locals screaming to see him.

so true DavidC...based on Hamilton's record of scouting and developing their own quarterbacks, that would apply to any quarterback prospect (and not just Quinlan) that wants to make it in this league

None of the backups will get much playing time in Montreal as long as Calvillo is healthy, productive, and interested in competing. That's okay. Quinlan is young and it's a three-year deal. He's a long-term project for the Als and that's the right pace for him IMO.


A long term project ONLY if he makes the team. If he can beat out NCAA QBs or ex-NFL QBs than good luck to him. No special treatment because he was a Mac grad. Sinopoli made the Stamps and he's probably a long term project, if someone comes in better than him he goes, that's how professional sports works.

very few rookies right out of University make a CFL roster in their first season. Most of the first year import QBs are usually out of college at least a couple of years while they just attend an NFL training camp, a practice roster, the Arena league. Quilnlan will be no different. There are of course exceptions like Bo Mitchell who did not even seek to enter the rookie free agent pool. Once he did not get drafted he signed with Calgary very quickly. Sinopoli Making the Stamps roster in his first season was pretty remarkable and only a series of situations cost him that spot. Tate took over as a first year starter, Huf wanted Glenn as an experienced back up fresh off of being a starter and the diferent path that Mitchell took by coming right to the CFL without even going to a rookie mini camp after the NFL Draft and Hufs coaching strategy to not carry a 4th QB to start the season. Look for Sinopoli to have some level of success in the CFL and be around for a little while whether it be with the Stamps or another team.
Montreal on the other hand like to have even up to 5 Qbs with the team as they did for most of last season. with Garcia hidden on the IR and another on the Practice roster. Quinlan may not count as a non import as a QB on the roster but on the practice roster he may be considered a Non Import and fill one of the two Mandatory NI spots on the 7 man practice roster.

As of today the Als look at Quinlan as a legitimate QB prospect. Of course that could change but it is up to him. At least he's getting a legitimate opportunity. If we can get some Canadians playing the position that would go a long way in convincing some of the best ball players to play the position in college.

You said it perfectly both Quinlan and Sinopoli are QBs only and both will (Quinlan) and are (Sinopoli) are the beginning of Canadian QBs that will get a fair shot at playing QB without worrying about being asked to move to another position. Myles Gibbon flew under the Radar after returning to Canada to play at York but quietly had a really good season with a young team and is the top QB in this years draft class