Kyle Quinlan

Story by the Hamilton Spectator on Kyle Quinlan a couple of days ago saying he would be interested if one of the CFL teams either Montreal or Hamilton had an interest in his abilities as QB.

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As a fan of the CFL and the Tiger-Cats I would like to see the opportunity given to a Canadian and local QB like Quinlan, especially when our starter Colaros is out and our back up’s are competing for the job in Hamilton, frankly all our QB’s including Colaros as I have said before, are all back up’s so lets open the field to some competition Austin and find out who can really lead this team.

I think Quinlan has the size and smarts to be a good QB in the CFL he just has not been given the opportunity because the CFL coaches have been so biased toward American Quarter Backs.

Austin give the guy a shot, what do you have to lose at this point.

I would love to see it too, but Hamilton would have to trade for his rights from Montreal.

He is currently on the Montreal suspended list.

Doubt it will happen.

So Hamilton gives up the water boy for a potential starter from the suspended list?

Bit of a stretch, given that he opted out of attending training camp after signing with Montreal. Calls into question some important traits of a QB besides size and smarts: i.e. competitiveness, confidence, and an understanding that you may have to spend years in an understudy role before being handed the reins to a pro team.


CFL coaches aren't "biased" towards American QBs. The simple fact is Canadian QBs aren't anywhere near good enough to play in the CFL.

And why didn't former CIS guys like Greg Marshall, Marcel Bellefeuille, Jacques Chapdelaine, etc., etc., give any CIS QBs a shot? (Answer is obvious.)

No idea why Radley even wrote about this....

Grover M you're probably right for the most part but there are exceptions and how would you know without giving a player the opportunity in the first place?

No one is saying that Quinlan is a starter or a first string QB by any stretch of the imagination but than again we don't have a starting QB on the Tiger-Cats anyway so how can we be so judgemental?

According to the article Quinlan got the vibe that he was just going to be a "token" Canadian QB and would not be given a real shot at playing. Can't blame him for choosing not to go that route.

I too would like to see him added for depth on the roster, assuming his rights could be acquired. He obviously isn't going to be ready to be a starter for a while but he could learn the system and gain some experience in short yardage e.g.

He couldn't make 4th string in Montreal so why would that be judgemental? The reality is that there were 3 QBs better than him in training camp.

Well, there you have it. Certainly every coach I ever had taught me that if you catch a "vibe" that you might not win, it's best to throw in the towel before you even compete. Same thing applies in business, or even asking girls out. Don't try if you suspect you might not succeed. Right?

A lot of players in the league today started out as long-shots with absolutely no guarantees, and gave it their all to prove they had what it takes. That's why they are playing football today instead of waiting for their phone to ring.

OK here is the quote

…cues he picked up from the Alouettes that led him to believe that even with an impressive resumé and a three-year contract, he wasn’t going to get a legitimate shot at the job. Being a PR prop didn’t interest him.

Other point that was made was that he wasn’t 100% sure that playing was what he wanted to do. Could be he just needed to step away for a time - which he has done - while still being involved in football.

Whoah whoah, if I recall he went to both Hamilton's and Montreal's training camp and basically said "I wasn't having fun playing Football, so I'm going to go back to Mac and coach." now he wants in?

Give him a tryout at most, realistically he's got a couple years of rust on him now and one can't help but somewhat question to commitment at playing at the pro level.

Al’s won’t trade his right they need a QB too

Don't think the Als could care less, there are dozens of QBs out there with a better resume than Quinlan. Guys that have played at a much higher level under more pressure. Tossing a ball downfield in the CIS is a lot different than trying to toss a ball under pressure in the NCAA or the NFL. Just because you starred in the CIS shouldn't guarantee you a job in the CFL.

noodle arm been working out?
id give him a shot at it. why not right?

Why would you give a shot to a guy that has never played a down of CFL football?
Why not go after someone like Quinton Porter that does have CFL experience.

cuz hes a Mac dude. wheres the harm bringin him in for a try out?

Great athlete,
but his arm isn't strong enough to play QB at pro level

if the cats give him a chance ,maybe at receiver

I would give him a shot to join the team, he's young at 25 years and willing, why not, it's not like we have any QB's in Hamilton running away with the show currently, they are all back QB's at best, not one starter with a championship under their belt, we had one last year with Burris and before that Danny Mac but No one since, so we are wide open at inexperience QB's in Hamilton, So give the guy a shot, he might just prove all his doubters wrong!

SO the qbs from ncaa who cant make the nfl are better?

How many CIS QB,s have been given a fair chance to develop?

Exactly, how many have been given a fair opportunity to develop? The CFL used to give Canadian QB's the opportunity with great players like Russ Jackson and so on, this belief that only NCAA QB's can play in the CFL is wrong.

I think some fans are dreaming of bring back a player like Quinton Porter, he's retired, he had his shot at the game, maybe if he won more games he would still be playing?

There are lots of good QB's with some CFL Experience out there who are free agents, young and still able to play like Max Hall ex-QB of the Bombers, Arizona Cardinals and NCAA at BYU and Josh Neidmyer ex-Al's QB and NCAA Angelo State in Texas I would take these players and Quinlan and give them an opportunity before bringing Porter back out of retirement.