Kyle Quinlan

He had his chance, we don`t need another long term QB development project.

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The weird thing is I wrote at the time that Ptaszek was doing him a disservice by allowing him to back out. Now Ptaszek says "Oh yeah they should call him". WEIRD! IF he wants to play and invest in himself as a Pro QB we should give him that opportunity but he's the one that should make the call IMO.

Agreed. AT MOST, Popp could touch base with the agent to indicate whether the door is open.

Didn't Quinlan walk out of or not report to Als camp a couple of years ago?

In any event, at best all one could expect from from Quinlan is an ever-so-slightly better version of Josh Neiswander.

He is the one who did walk out. Although it was under some crazy circumstances for the Als at the time. Trestman had just left. A huge coaching staff was put together led by Hawkins. Who knows wat happend behind closed doors. There were a lot of new coaches from the offensive side with their own idea's and own QB ideas.
I agree it is time for Popp or Quinlan's agent to reach out and see what is what and if there is nothing there they should cut him loose and off the suspended list.

Quinlan also needs to be prepared and open to the fact that he could get interest but it also will likely be a developmental spot that would put him on the 6 game to get in football shape and up to speed and maybe get on a PR coming in mid season.

He has to want to do it though. There are a lot of new coaches this season at HC, OC, and QB coaching spots around the league. Both American and Canadian who have spent alot of time in the CFL at other coaching spots and/or as players.

Jim has already stated that the door is open

With Coach P speaking publicly about Quinlan wanting to play could mean that the fickle Quinlan may have re-thought his decision. Still a month away from expanded PR's would be smart to get a jump on QBs that are still in NFL Camps.
Coach P has also been very involved with Team Canada for National competitions within the IFAF.
Sr men's World Championships are coming in 2015.
I sent an email to team Canada and they told me that they will be looking to begin putting the players together in January for the summer event.
Michael Faulds was the QB on the first Canada silver medal SR mens team after a season as York's OC and has also been a big part of the coaching staffs for Canada's U-19 team and the International team that is made up of mostly Canadian players.
Both Greene and Heather are plying overseas this season and Finch was the QB for the U-19 team that beat the US for a gold metal and for the international team for the annual international bowl that beat the US.
If Quinlan is interested he would likely get a chance as well.
Like Faulds he is coaching at a CIS school and does have the facilities and University players at Mac to work out with before Team Canada opens TC.
Cayman Shutter and Jordan Yantz will both be coming off their last CIS season. Both with CFL aspirations. Shutter went to E -Camp after leaving UH and will be playing his second and final year at Regina.
Yantz has been in BC Lions TC for a couple of season while playing VI Raiders and this season with the Bombers as a member of Manitoba

It is one thing to answer a question from a reporter, that may not necessarily reflect the Als' view should Quinlan appear at their door tomorrow. My thought was more in the opening the lines of communication with the agent but putting the onus on Quinlan to do the heavy lifting