Kyle Quinlan


There is this assumption that the evaluation of QB talent is fair and impartial, which would make the addition of a mandatory Canadian QB spot some kind of preferential treatment for weaker candidates. And that, to me, is absolute bollocks. I’ve lost track of all the craptastic American QBs who came up here with gaudy college credentials, spent years holding a clipboard, and then messed the bed when given the opportunity (sometimes repeated opportunities). The evaluation is currently NOT impartial, which is why we need the league to make it mandatory to carry a Canadian QB.

It is obvious that he is refering to his many seconds of scouting Quinlan during highlights of one game during Sportscentre…

I have to agree that McPherson will be seeking to sign with one of the two teams that are in need to solidify the starting QB position. I do not think that anyone could have saw what was coming with Calivillo still playing at such a high level at 40 years old. I could imagine that at the time that McPherson re-signed three years ago that the hope was that the Als would have been in the 100th grey cup and hopefully would have won it and Calivillo would have announced his retirement shortly there after and McPherson would have been rewarded for his patience with the keys to the Als offense and a nice bonus and contract to lead the Als into the future.
At 30 years old now would be the time to go with Calivillo coming back.
We sometimes seem to forget how good Mcpherson is. After legal problems in college he jumped to the Arena league when it was a league still used as a stepping stone to pro football ie. Ricky Ray. Then drafted and more legal problems after a freak accident before a pre season game for New Orleans at tennesee on the field having him sue the NFL. At that point was not in the best graces of the NFL he returned to the Arena for a couple of seasons staying in football shape but never really getting another starting gig because teams were afraid he was going to jump and that is exactly what he did as Jim Popp finally convinced him to come to Montreal in 2008. His skill set similar to that of former great Tracy Ham and worked his way to number two fairly quickly after signing with the Als in 2008. 5 yaear later though Calivillo is still passing for 5,000 yards. SO although McPherson may be 30 in age he is not 30 in the amounts of hits he has taken over the past 5 seasons with the Als. Remember also he has been in excellent football shape every year needing to be ready to step in if Calivillo should go down.
You can bet he is chomping at the bit to get his shot to be a starter finally. Heck he and about at least 5 others in the CFL could be starting for the New York Jets in the NFL right now :rockin:

Likely scenario is McPherson signs elsewhere, Neiswander moves up to #2, with Quinlan competing for #3/PR spot along with whatever other QB's arrive at training camp.

Along with Neiswander and Quinlan now the ALs had Stephan Garcia out of South Carolina. Garcia great QB in the SEC conference but his career was surrounded by arrests his freshman year. soph and JR years started went to bowl games and won the SEC east his JR year. Trouble again his SR year in 2011 eventually got him kicked off of the team. He spent 2012 on the IR as the Als 4th QB and is still on the latest posted roster. If he indeed comes back that gives the Als a nice stable of 3 young QB’s behind Calivillo in which they have invested time in.
Neiwswander was a DII QB so he spent the 2010 season not on the roster but improved enough last year to get the number 3 spot. So Quinlan could have a shot at hitting the roster in his second training camp with the Als.

I think it will be Calvillo, Neiswander,Garcia and Quinlan for a bit.

I would bet on Calvillo and Neiswander being around, Garcia is in that iffy spot where its easy to get beat out by a newbie who has a good camp and preseason or if he doesn’t have a good one. I would expect quinlan to be a practice roster player or stashed on the IR for the full season at least for a year as they stash him and look to build him up before making him earn it. That’s dependent on him having a promising training camp this year though. If he comes in and really has a tough time the Als might cut ties immediately. McPherson is a bit of a wild card. The Als have a habit of being able to keep guys they really want to keep and letting guys they don’t want walk with ease. If they really want to keep McPherson, and I have no idea if they do or don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if the manage to convince him to come back.

That would seem about right in terms of experience and and time with the team etc. Neiswander 3rd yr, Garcia 2nd year, Quinlan 1st year. Quinaln was hungry at last years training camp for PT this year competing for a spot on the regular roster I look for him to really bring it. Hopefully his fellow Canadian QB Brad Sinopoli looks t do the same. After being released briefly by the Stamps do to Bo Levi Mitchell was good to see him be the first call back by the stamps and stuck for the season as #3 on the roster and when Tate came back got to stay with the team on the Practice roster.
Danny Brannigan is one year removed after sticking with the Argos PR and then regular roster in 2010 he missed the cut. Would have loved to have seen him look to the Arena League in the spring of 2012 to get some reps. The Argos did look to the Arena league last season in signing Trevor Harris (NCAA DII) after Harris was released by the NFL in 2010 Harris stayed with it and played the spring of 2011 and 2012 and blew the Argos away gaining a roster spot as a number 3.
Brannigan and other Canadian QBs who are on the bubble in the future should look to the Arena to sharpen their skills. The Argos actually look to the Arena with much success with others this year also. Tony Washington stint with Calgary in 2011, Pacino orne out of football for a couple of years and NFL vet Aamaad Carrol all took to the Arena in 2012 and all three started for the Argos. Great place for a young player to sharpen skills. Playing in the Spring players receive housing and meals and a small salary. It is like playing in college but there are no classes to go to just football to play.

Since Quinlan was in camp last year I could see him on the PR instead of hidden on the IR to be easily moved onto the roster if a QB should get hurt and not waste that one activate spot of the 9 game IR. That is unless he beats out Garcia. With Garcia being kicked off the team at South Carolina his sr year he has not dressed for a game in 2 years after being stashed on the IR last year so he should be very hungry also. should be a great intense competition for that 3rd spot