Kyle Quinlan

The Alouettes have signed Kyle Quinlan. Nice to see CFL teams contribute and give a shot to CIS quarterbacks.

I'm curious to see what they do with this guy. The alouettes have a precedent of converting CIS QBs to different positions and I see this happeing with Quinlan as well. He's good enough as an athlete to play i the CFL.

Could be but I don't think that's the plan.

I believe he will either be 3rd in depth or on the PR as a QB. Trestman has been building towards this kind of bold move for a while. I could see him developing him and then saying look, it is time to include the QB in the ratio, and I would agree with him. He really seems intent on bolstering player development through jr ranks...showing kids they actually have a shot would take this leaps forward.

He's got all the tools. He's 23 years old, 6.3 210-215 a 70 percent passer, 10-1 TD to interception ratio and can make plays with his feet when things break down. He deserves an opportunity. The deal is for four years so there is a commitment on both sides to development. If we can use him as a spot/fifth receiver at the same time that would be a bonus not sure its doable however.

he's not good enough.

he won't see a down of regular season Football as a QB.

[b]cflisthebest wrote: he's not good enough. [/b]
could you elaborate why you believe he is not good enough?

and are you inferring as a backup or starter, or both?

Sinopoli wasn't good enough either yet he's looked pretty decent when he's hit the field. The Stamps cut him after a good camp in favour of BoLevi Mitchell but he was the guy brought in when tate got hurt and not another import. Is quinlan better or worse than Sinopoli? Fact is, we can't be sure what some of the upper tier NI QBs can do with, especially if they get a couple years of professional coaching under their belts. Trestman sees himself as a guy who can build up a QB, maybe he's seen enough of Quinlan in camp last year to think that in a couple of years he can develop him into something. Not sure Quinlan will fit anywhere else unless maybe receiver. Maybe they continue to develop him as a backup QB and work him in as a spot receiver at times as well. TBD.

He didn't play NCAA, therefore he's nowhere near as good as the conveyor belt of "great" QBs who have passed through this league. :roll:

I think it is time they change the import rules. Honestly, the Canadian QB talent in the past has not been good enough to merit it, hence the exclusion from the import rule. Basically, the rules says you need to have more NI than imports plus 3 QBs (20 +19 + 3).

There are some options to help integrate this:
alter to a 21/20 split + 1 QB (essentially making it a 50 / 50 split). Right now there is little motivation to bring on a Canadian QB. I do not like the idea of mandating that a QB must be Canadian, but this would encourage it. Canadian players, historically, don't play a lot of football pre-highschool, and thus simply do not have enough reps to be comparatively developed to an NCAA QB, who likely played 4 years before HS. That is really starting to change now, and CIS QBs are getting a lot better training as well...largely due to technology upgrades that allow them to watch a pile of footage...something that simply was not viable a generation back.

Another option that I think would be great is keeping the 20/19/3 split, but allowing a Canadian QB to be a Cap exemption or increasing the teams cap by 4k per game if a Canadian QB is dressed (72k a year). Even if that does not entirely cover the QB's salary it would be enough to motivate most teams to bring a Canadian on. I prefer the 4k a game over an exemption to avoid bidding wars over a non-cap player.

There are a lot of quality Canadian HS QBs who never pursue playing in the CIS because as much as they love the game they know they will not go beyond that, and thus go after the academia, JR ball or directly into the work force.

This is something that the CFL needs to spend some time developing. The CFL is on a huge upswing, and if they want to continue that trend then they need to continue diversifying. The potential of seeing a hometown kid taking snaps would inevitably draw in more viewership, and it further encourages JR development. Say after a dozen years you see Canadian QBs becoming more widely developed...then you can look at removing the exemption. It would be important to eventually remove the exemption so that the guy isn't just a clipboard holder and there as a last resort (to avoid injuring him and thus finding a new Canadian QB).

I would make the rule change and say in 2 seasons that it will be implemented. That would give clubs time to bring a guy into the mix instead of all clubs trying to sign the same 3 or 4 guys graduating that year.

Ok Mr. Belichick

He's got the body type to do spot duty in Lavoie's role as a tight end, so there's potential for him to be useful even if it's not at QB (though I hope it is at QB).

If it is indeed a four year deal that indicates to me the Als will invest in his development at the QB position.

One could certainly hope so. Shrewd move by Trestman if it's true. With Calvillo continuing to defy age, you need young QBs behind him, guys who don't mind putting in three or four years of development. By that time, Anthony will have retired, and guys like Quinlan and Neiswander should be ready.

This gets me thinking now that they have a 2 year commitment to AC and a 4 year commitment to Kyle, does this push Mcpherson out? If I were McPherson I would have peaced out of Montreal 3 years ago but I think he finally leaves now.

If he's good enough he will make the team, good luck to him. But let's not start changing rules again to help Canadians.
He has to make the team "honestly" just like Sinopoli did, maybe Sinopoli will step up and get the number 2 job eventually. But the QB is one position where I would never want to see a designated Canadian.

Or a "can't miss" biased American who isn't as good as a Canadian kid but gets the biased-opportunity. :wink:

Have to agree. Surely he sees the Bombers as a place to have a decent crack at starting right out of the gate.

Quinlan is there to play QB. With the NFL expanding training camp rosters to 90 and the difference in salary that a 1st year rookie can make in the NFL even as a practice roster player it is leaving the CFL with very few chances to sign any DI or IAA QBs right out of college. Leaving the CFL to sign QBs after 3 years at least bouncing the NFL and have had to begin finding DII DIII and some IAA QBs. This happens to be the same level of play that the CIS is compared to. With the tremendous strides in coaching in the Pre University and University levels we are seeing more skill position players coming out of the CIS that are more prepared to make the transition. With QB being the toughest of positions we are just beginning to see QBs worthy enough of starting on the practice squad or being hidden on the 9 game IR.
The CIS and Canadians at different skill positions are now a talent pool that did not exist just 10 years ago. So all of the stereotypes that have been labled on on skill players are beginning to change. It has really started with the receiver position look at the receivers you see on CFL rosters and you will find that many of the two and/or three receivers are now canadians. Look for it to only get better with each year. the OUA began to offer sholarships, schools are building new multi purpose athletic facilities with modern turf football fields, schools are being sponsored and supplied with equipment from big time sporting companies such as Nike, Addidas, Russel, and Under Armour that no longer come out of University athletic budgets. Conferences are getting TV deals. the OUA on the Score, CanWest on ShawTV. TSN/RDS are televising Nationally the semis and Vanier Cup. Quebec Conference has games on French over air Networks, Laval has all of its home games on RDS. Even the coverage of the AUS has improved greatly on regional Eastlink.

CBC Radio Canada ( Toronto ) broadcasts all Laval games on the French network. I would love to have one of the networks have a seasonal program reviewing the CIS games from Nova Scotia to B.C. I quite enjoy CIS football and, having the CIS share a Grey Cup weekend should continue.