Kyle Quinlan as a WR??

Here's an idea that has worked for Calgary when they brought in Canadian QB Brad Sinopoli who is now a Receiver and still can be used as a back up QB, why don't the Cat's get McMaster QB Kyle Quinlan use him as a receiver at 6'3" and a Canadian and as a back up QB? Might be worth a try??

Heck, I'm all for trying him as a defensive limeman, DB, RB and FG kicker!

Solid idea and the exact thing crossed my mind when I saw Sinopli one-hand that long pass a couple weeks ago. But unfortunately I think Quinlan is pretty comfortable & quite happy & content coaching @ MAC.

Here are links since I understand you must provide links to sources on this board. It's been a long time since I did a bibliography, so I hope this suffices.

[url=] ... inlan.html[/url] [url=] ... 12206.html[/url] [url=] ... oing-pro-/[/url]

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A number of us have to enjoy and appreciate your contributions and insights, FenderGuy. I wouldn't be concerned about one person's obsession.

so what happens if he doesn't want to play football? Can he even catch? Is he as fast as Sinopoli? He made a decision to go into coaching, the earlier he can do it the better. I assume he qualified at uni to get into coaching and he may have a career for the next 40 years.
He may not have had this oppoetunity if he hung around as a third stringer for four or five years.

Thanks Old Fan ... Very much appreciated.

Playing at the Pro level, would provide an invaluable opportunity to watch various coaching styles close up. Mind you, how much would he truly learn, and bad habits accumulated with Hawkins as his study in Montreal.

I take it back. Kyle Quinlan would be better served staying at MacMaster.

This is kind of a silly / stupid thread.
What makes you think he can play wr? Has he ever played it before? Is he any better than Fantuz, Giguere or Stala if not he is right back at the same problem he faced as a QB when everyone is healthy he wont see any action.

He already made a life decision to coach instead of play. A decision in which you have no choice but to respect because it's his life.

The fact that you made this thread shows that you don't respect his own decisions for his own life.