Kyle Mitchell

This guy's a beast! He looked spectacular today. Let's hope he stays that way. :smiley:

Very impressive!

It is said that a player cannot lose their job to injury. Terrel Jurineack better come back fast, otherwise he could lose his job to Mitchell or Chick.

Mitchell was definitely a monster out there. Defensive, or Special teams player of the week?

I think so. He has to be a player of the week. he scored a friggin TD, he made an interception, he blocked a punt. What else could he do?

Hmmmm, He'd get my vote. Very impressive outing!

Yeah, people who say that are plain ignorant. lol

I've noticed in the past that a player who does better than average on special teams and better than average on defence/offence, as the case may be, doesn't get either award. It's not always the sum of the parts that prevails, not that I disagree with you guys. Don't be surprised if that is the case here.

I don't want to take away from Mitchell, but Fred Perry gets my vote for D player of week. He didn't necessarily get the glam of Mitchell, but I thought the camera was following him, but then I realized he was just around the ball that much. Heck he was even making tackles/assists in linebacker territory. He also indirectly caused a number of tackles/sacks that he didn't get stats for. What a monster. As good as any defensive lineman performace I have ever watched.