Kwame Caville

...hope i spelled his name right.. has just been obtained by the Bombers from the Hamilton TiCats.. in exchange .... for a third-round draft choice,,,,the Wpg., receiving corps keeps getting bigger and bigger....i like him as another threat....the heat is finally coming off Stegall.. :thup: :rockin:

Tiger Cats trade WR Kwame Cavil to Winnipeg for draft pick.

more details to follow

Let me be the first to say


…no McMahon got this one right…a little late…but right… :lol:

3 minutes after you posted it!

cant be wrong all the time I guess

Man... Kwame Cavil had more addresses than catches these past two years...

I'm going to mark it on my calendar.....McMahon gets one right! :roll:

papa said it first it no scoope for McMahon

...he's sure been packing and unpacking thing i like....Berry knows him ...and he knows Berry...i just hope he can bring his level of play back to where it was with the ALS...I still believe he's still got something in the tank....look for a few changes in the Bomber receiving corps next game.... :thup: :roll: :roll:

Kevin Glenn, I bet, can't wait to get back on the field....what weapons he has to throw to now, when you add Baker and Cavil into the mix..........

We need to get blown out at home more often....he adds experience for our young qbs if nothing else......but really that now makes 4 - 1000 yard receivers in our line up.....

Cavil to the Bombers... sorry papa, and piggy but I think Cavil's best days are behind him... if you use him a possession receiver maybe that could work out, but Cavil isnt the game breaker he once was, but it still could be a good move.

how could u know this?...from the 4 touches he had in hamilton this year?

Before you get too excited, Hamilton started the year with Vaughn, Flick, Yeast, Cavil, Morreale. That's 5 thousand-yarders. Didn't seem to help us.

maybe cause maas sucks, and u rotate recievers too much to form any chemistry.

Montreal didn't want him.
Edmonton didn't want him.
Hamilton didn't want him.

Winnipeg will take him!

they traded kwame to give room on the imports for khalil hill who came in late last season and then went to the jaquars in NFL, he got waives 2 days ago along with our olinemen jonta woodard who is serving a one game suspention during tomarrows game from a fight last year in T.o, Hill will be back to fill in at cavils spot, Hills gunna tear it up in this league

Calvil is only good when he has a guy like Anthony Calvillo throwing to him. And really, Glenn is no Calvillo.

And Baker, I remember a few nice plays, but I mostly remember him from his dropped passes this year and also giving Prefontaine a hook to the chin.

This guy is not as good as his 1000 yard season would have you believe. I was never a huge fan of him even when he was with the als (except when for a bit in a his last season since wit hthem I got to meet him adn the rest of the team). Calvillo does this to quite a few receivers. He forces them to be better than they are by continuously throwing to them and working hte law of averages. Another example of this is Watkins. He droped a tonne of balls last year but Calvillo kept going to him over and over and he got 1000 yards. On almost any other team he would be a 3rd or 4th receiver. This is what Cavil is a 3rd or 4th receiver unless he is force fed the ball more than he should be