Kwame Cavil

i feel that kwame should return to the cats this year i feel that he didnt have time to prove to everyone that he belongs here WR r very important in this game and with a player like this with him and morreale will be top go 2 guys on this team

id say kwame, he was always full of energy here n was ready to play, he didnt get a fair chance in paopo's offence, cuz well it stank. but! i only voted kwame if his injury from late last season is healed 100% if not then id like to see Tounkara signed, ill pass on richardson cuz he's one of those guys who jump to the NFL if possible. so kwame, if not then Tounkara if not him then davis azzi

A victim of Marshall and co. I would bring him back.

All this click here [ note that he is 6' 3" and 209 lbs ]

I would pick him up, too.

He didn't complain about not playing much last year.
He just prepared hard every day waiting for an opportunity.

RL only released Kwame because we had too many top receivers
and he felt Kwame deserved better than to be sitting out.


I was soo pissed off when they traded him away last year. they never really gave him a chance.


I thought he trashed Hamilton when he was traded.

maybe that was Brazzell. it was one of them but either way I think he'd make a great addition if he's willing to sign. He could be a Number2 Reciever here. He played pretty good in a few games after the trade to winnipeg but i think he's season ended when he broke he's hand.

But i'd love to see him back. IF THEY GI

I really don't see this happening. I believe Kwame's high maintenance judging by what I saw last year.

kwame is a team player and would be a third stringand be happy as long as he knew he was contributing, but there gets a point where ur team is strugling and u still dont get a chance ur gunna get frustrated, he did. Hes a stand out guy and come prepaired to deliver on game day, he wasnt given a fair shot under marshal/lancaster.

Cavil should be signed again but only if hes healed. we could use his enthusiasm and character to help boost this team this season. he a 1,000 yards receiever and it shows, great work ethic and he loves the game!

yeh he did kinda trash hamilton when he was traded but, he wasnt saying anything back to us fans jus the people who ran our organization and i honestly dont blame him, the guy got no playing time and spent time ob the practice squad after a stellar career in edmonton!

now that we have a whole new crew we should give him another shot, we all know hes good enough in this league and hes proved it!


Kwame and/or Jamal Richardson -- it's important at least one of them is signed. I still think Kwame can play.

Oski Wee Wee,

Jamal isnt right for the cats, dont get me wrong he can play but hes one of those guys who tihnk the NFL is his choice if he gets a shot, we need a guy like kwame who accepts that he plays here in the CFL, those r the quality players in this league. not the ones hopng for NFL contracts after there contract is it.

I think Richardson is the guy we should sign over Cavil. Without a doubt he is the more talented of the the two. Who wouldn't jump to the nfl if given a chance? Jesse tried it twice before realizing that his only shot was in Canada. Either one would help our WR's. Here's another name to throw out there. Robert Baker? Yeah I know a bit of a headcase, but how many of you would like to take a shot at Prefontaine? I know I would.

Baker is an Idea…
add Misconduct area to a Contact
Any Problems cost him $$$$
do a 2nd Time it cost him More $$$$
3 Time and your Cut…

I Rather see Ticats Find a Good Collage Receiver
But if we where sign on ..
Ibrahim Tounkara I Rather have over kwame cavil
Cavil is overrated !!!!
I like to see Tounkara Back in Black and gold

If Richardson dose not make the NFL He be Good Fit here.

explain the bold to me. had richardson had a 1,000 yard receiving year?? no, kwame is better bar none.

This is just my view, but before richardson was hurt he was on his way to a 1000 yard season. Kwame is a reliable reciever but his best days are behind him. Richardson is only 24 and like McKay his best days are ahead of him.

cant have baker property of the bombers.

Azzi. Hamilton needs someone to catch the ball over the middle. He's tough.

kwame gets back at us!

No one Catch the Over the Middle like #18..
Hay may be Old but he Still a good WR..

i would like cavil to come back but i dont think he would want to. during his last game in hamilton he had a couple verbal altercations with some fans behind the bench and more or less yelled out that he didnt want to sign here when he became a free agent. then a couple days after that game he was traded. hopefully he will reconsider