Kwame Cavil gets start tonite...finally!

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Receiver says his first game is 'long overdue'

He's a smiling, swaggering, cocksure son of a gun.

He also has size, speed and savvy and will go up and fight for the leather like a landlord after an overdue rent cheque.

The 0-4 Ticats have faced some early season adversity.

So has receiver Kwame Cavil, who was benched for the first four games. The former 1,000-yard receiver, acquired by the Cats last March in a trade with Edmonton, will play his first contest ever for the Steeltown squad tonight, taking the place of Willie Quinnie.

Interim Tiger-Cat bench boss Ron Lancaster said his anemic offensive attack can use a bit of what the five-year CFL veteran has to offer.

"I think he has a chance to be a go-to guy. There is something about him. He has a little bit of ... He has a nice swagger to him. He thinks he is good, he believes he is good and that's half the battle. I'm kind of anxious to see him play to tell you the truth," Lancaster said of Cavil. "He's tough, that's what I like," he added.

He's also jacked.

"It's long overdue. It feels good, man. I'm just so confident that I can come out here and produce," Cavil said after a walk-through practice yesterday.

Cavil said maybe, just maybe, his return to action can mark the Ticats return to winning.

"That would be a blessing in disguise," he said, adding he is coming off a solid week of practice.

"I know these fans are starving for anything to get them excited and, hopefully, we can do that (tonight).

"I know this. Everything happens for a reason," Cavil said, adding he was buoyed by the fan and teammate support he received during his exile under the Marshall regime.

Cavil is also excited to compete against one of his best friends, former Montreal teammate and current Calgary pass receiver Jeremaine Copeland. In 2004, both former Montreal receivers went over the 1,000-yard mark.

"That's my best friend. That's my dawg. I hope he does well, too. That's like my brother," Cavil said of Copeland, a friend for seven years.

why cavil never got a start before this is beyond me....why bring in a proven winner and not use him?

lancaster seems he was irked that marshall didnt use him:
"I'm kind of anxious to see him play to tell you the truth," Lancaster said of Cavil.

....must have been personal reasons, Cavil will be a threat for sure.....interesting gamesmanship on Lancaster's side announcing this today, the Stamps will not have counted on Cavil playing....wonder who they'll use to cover him?......

…just get Brian Clark to drop back in deep coverage…or play the line…or shut-down the out-side…ol Brian can pretty well do anything…damn i miss that guy on the Bombers ‘d’…if we still had him what a defence we would have…he looked like a running back in the last game the stamps. played…i could still kick Taman for letting this guy go…oh well…we seem to be making a great recovery…Clarky…we still miss ya… :cry:

.i could still kick Taman for letting this guy go....oh well...we seem to be making a great recovery...Clarky....we still miss ya.. :cry:
Same here, but wasn't there something about Taman's budget when they let him go? Right you are though, Brian Clark is a killer. I think he single-handedly changed the penalty on no-yards infractions.

He wasn't utilized well in Edmonton last year, but if Jason Maas can do so with his ticats, cavil could be one of their main threats(in terms of receievers).