Kwame Cavil and receiving corp

I know alot of you are going to say "he stinks". But, he did have 1,000 yards and is a veteran receiver whom we did sign as a free agent for the second time. The rookies may pan out in the long run, but wouldn't it at least have been wise to wait after some exhibition games(let alone a scrimmage)? Our receiving corp is a big question mark. So what sense does this make? We just signed two more imports for this a revolving door? Our receivers didn't do too well in the scrimmage.

Letting Vaughn and Flick get away was a suspect decision too.

How is that Non-Import Maeko doing...seems he had lots of potential?

Khalil Hill shouldn't have been released last year either.

I'm comfortable letting the coaches make the decisions. Cavil didn't stand out at camp at all. The fact that he's had 1000 yards in the past doesn't mean anything now. If the coaching staff didn't think he was capable of adding to the team then I'm inclined to believe them. They saw more of him than any of us did.

Not only did Vaughn underperform, but he ran his mouth the whole season. Judging by what I've seen of Coach Taaffe so far, I don't think he's likely to take that kind of crap. I'll miss Flick. I like him, I think he has talent and I'm sorry he's gone.

Maeko looked pretty good on the days I went to camp. He runs routes well and caught most of what was thrown to him.

Khalil Hill should have been released last year. Too much attitude not enough performance. Not to mention that he's hurt and hasn't been practicing at camp in Sask.

I wish Cavil all the best, but i've never been a fan of his ever since he was drafted by Buffalo. He's not that good and he was kept for Marshall last year based on his one 1000 yard season even though others at camp were outperforming him. Even in Montreal I didn't like what he showed, a lot of his catches came because the defences were ignoring him as Montreal had so many other players for the D to worry about. If it was 1500 yards then I can see people getting all worked up over it but 1000 is not a big deal, get over him.

Hill missed his flight out I believe to a game out west that is why he was cut.

I was at training camp one day and Cavil was getting dominated in one-on-one drills and complaining the DB's were to rough. Also coach Bulter had to tell him to pick up a ball after he caught it then left it sitting on the field.

Yes, I know he missed a flight. Is that enough reason to cut someone? Fine him.
I know he had some attitude, but he made things happen(especially on returns). If he's not injured I bet he'll make an impact in this league...

Yes, I know he missed a flight. Is that enough reason to cut someone?
Yeah, if you just got signed like a week before.

yeh when he missed the game to edmonton n didnt tell ne1, then he was complaining he didnt get enough playing time afer so lancaster and rised the hand lik ehe did to yeast

He came in and wanted to talk big contracts before he even played, he missed the flight without letting the team know and then he didn't show up for practice without calling in and giving the team a reason. In my books, that's more than reason enough to cut him. BEsides, he's injury prone. He was hurt here and now he's hurt in Sask. No big loss as far as I'm concerned.