Kwaku Boateng A Steal In the CFL Draft!

Don Laundry of CFL.CA writes, "Boateng is emerging as a defensive force, his altered football destiny first charting a course for university success, and now one that sees his heightening status in the Canadian Football League as a disruptor of the passing game ...

Kwaku Boateng (pronounced QUAKE-ooh BOA-teng) is enjoying a breakout sophomore season (one small injury aside), employing the lessons he’s taken from teammates during his rookie season, following the lead of his unit’s esteemed leader, and climbing the charts among CFL defensive ends as the Eskimos look to do the same in the West Division standings. The sun is rising on what many agree could be a dominating career.

With five sacks in four starts – putting him second on the list behind Saskatchewan sack master Charleston Hughes (8) – Boateng’s abilities might well keep him within sight of the sacking elite as the season progresses. “He should get ten, twelve, to thirteen sacks this year,? says Edmonton Defensive Line Coach Demetrious Maxie, so long as the entirety of that Eskies’ line continues to improve."

Quickly becoming the steal of the 2017 draft as a 5th rounder selected 41st overall. Rob Ralph,Director of Canadian Scouting should get much of the praise for the selection of Boateng and Demetris Maxie should also get praise for his development. A lot of teams made a mistake on Boateng and they missed on a young leader. One can hear and see how much Boateng wants to be the best in the CFL and that drive has him evolving quickly.

The Esks rely a lot on four man pressure, so as D line and Boateng goes so does the defense. Boateng looks ready to break out and lead the Esks young defense in their evolution.

The guy had first round talent written all over him, the fact he slipped to the fifth is bad scouting.

Couldn’t agree more! I get maybe a slide due to positional picking from 1st to 3rd round, but 5th was a shocker and the Esks were lucky to get him where they did.