Kurtis Rourke tops fall edition of CFL Scouting Bureau

TORONTO — Ohio University quarterback Kurtis Rourke headlines the Fall Edition of the CFL Scouting Bureau. The native of Oakville, Ont., sits in the No. 1 spot among prospects eligible for the 2024 CFL Draft.

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“And with the 8th or 9th pick overall in the 2024 CFL Draft, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers select the player that no other team will touch with a ten foot pole… but will go on to snag a roster spot anyway.”

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Each year when the CFL Scouting Bureau list is first released there are a few main trends.

First is the quick Googling of many fans in a mad dash to see some new names cross their timeline, many of whom they might not realize are draft eligible the following May or even have Canadian ties.

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If either Hamilton, Edmonton or Ottawa DOESN’T select Curtis Rourke with their first pick in the 2024 draft we’ll know why these teams keep finishing last.

For all the regular posters (and you know who you are) clamouring for an overwhelmingly/exclusively Canadian CFL…

Take a good look at the Scouting List, because this is the reality.

The top Canadian prospects aren’t tearing it up in the SEC or B1G…they’re playing in the MAC.

For our star Canadian WRs, whoever misses out on Auburn’s Mardner is going to be paying National money to a Juco or D2 player - literally the only reason he’ll have a pro career is holding the right passport.

Then if you want to add some depth at lineman, we have representation from powerhouses like Tennessee Tech and Holy Cross. The American starting QBs are going to love 10 seconds to throw/be running for their life depending on whether we’re talking OLs or DLs.

Posters who wear their National goggles always defend their position with “look at Rourke!” “look at Schaffer-Baker!” “the Philpots!” etc. It’s not those elite 10 or so Canadians that will be the problem, It’s the quality you’re filling the other hundreds of roster spots with that is concerning.


could it be?

Nathan Rourke to the Patriots?

off topic, but c’mon man!

will we know tomorrow?

wrong thread

They don’t need a QB they need protection for their existing QBs.

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I did write “off topic”.

Kurtis is a year or two away from the NFL, Nathan was released today by the Jaguars so will probably be signed by another team tomorrow.

hot take: Nathan will be a starting QB at some point in 2023.

Nathan signs with Jaguars practice squad today.

I’ll leave my hot take there, whatever.

Kurtis to the NFL in 2024 or 2025, not a hot take, just reasonable.