Kuharich vs Ferrone

Anyone else catch the gaffe on the TSN's EDF pregame? They mentioned the passing of former CFL coach Lary Kuharich, but the picture they showed was of HOF lineman Dan Ferrone.

Also, Duthie said this is the 20th year of the crossover rule, but it's actually the 30th (though the details have been tweaked a few times over the years).

Nope. Boycotting the games for the rest of the year. The bush league incompetence with this league is overwhelming.


You fellows do realize that Duthie works for TSN, not CFL? Although, it is sometimes hard to tell which is the dog and which is the hydrant.

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As I put in my petition, I'm not only boycotting the games, but TSN & the league's sponsors. Until they fix this officiating mess, I will only ever watch TSN to watch the Ticats play.

Watched the NFL today. Cant be bothered.

Some Ticat fans who were thinking of going to the Grey Cup game may have decided not to go to the game because of incorrect calls being made in the command center. But if Ticat fans boycott the Grey Cup game, would that just lead to more Ottawa fans getting to go there? Maybe a boycott of the game could lead to empty seats at BMO Field next week. We'll see.

I thought I remembered the crossover rule first coming into existence around 1996. And it says here in this Wikipedia article that it came into effect before the 1997 season: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_CFL_ ... ws_in_1997

I think the crossover started in 1987 the Ticats and Argos played the 2 game total points series in 86 and I think that it was started the year after!

I could be wrong but I think that is how it happened!

I wondered why that guy looked so familiar and I had never heard of him.
I definitely know Dan Ferrone.
Thanks for clearing that up! It makes sense.

As I said, the rules have been tweaked over the years, but the league first added a crossover rule in 1986. During the height of the CFL’s US expansion in 1995, the structure of the divisions was changed, with the top 5 teams in the “North Division” (Canada) making the playoffs, along with the top 3 teams in the “South Division” (USA), and there were no longer multiple Canadian divisions to “balance”. The current iteration of the crossover rule came about in 1996 after the Baltimore club moved to Montreal and all the other US teams ceased operations, and the league returned to an “East and West” two division structure

[url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1986_CFL_season#CFL_News_in_1986]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1986_CFL_ ... ws_in_1986[/url]

Interesting. I don't recall there being a crossover rule being in effect before 1997. And I don't think there were any teams made the playoffs because of the crossover rule before 1997. It seems that teams making the playoffs through the crossover rule has happened more often in recent years.

I would have got the cross-over question wrong too, thinking it was more of a 90s thing than an 80s thing. But based on this detail from the 1986 Wikipedia link …

The playoff structure was revised to allow a fourth place team from one of the divisions to qualify for the playoffs if that fourth place team has earned more points in the regular season standings than the third place team from the other division. Until 1992, however, that team stayed in its own division for the playoffs (the league began American expansion in 1993, changing the rules along the way). [b]The four qualifiers in one division played semi-finals and a final while the two qualifiers in the other division playing a home-and-home, total-points, 2-game playoff.[/b] This was somewhat unfair to the first place team, who might no longer receive a first-round bye based simply on what happened at the bottom of its own division.
... I'm surprised at myself for forgetting just why we played that iconic 2-game total-points series against the Argos in 1986. It's like it was a one-time rule put in place just so we could stage that miracle comeback. It don't recall that format ever being used again.

Well it didn't surprise me in the least. FLASHBACK to last year where the same TSN was continually showing a picture of Corey Grant instead of Bakari Grant when they used to do their "Players to Watch" segments before the games. You would think that someone on staff would update their data base and be on top of things , but apparently not. :roll:

Just wanted to share a weird moment kind of stemming off your comment. I literally forgot the EDF was on at 1:00pm, didn't even register on my mind I just naturally put the Ravens game on and wasn't until about 2:00pm that I remembered the CFL playoffs were even on.

That has never happened to me in my short 22 years on earth, CFL has always come before the NFL, but for first time that changed and I didn't even make a conscious effort to do so.

Let's stick to thread title folks start another thread about the cross over and two game total point series. As far as getting the pictures of Dan Ferrone and Kuharich mixed up is a simple mistake. Obviously someone did not do their homework and that tribute to Kuharich was nullified. The new CFL logo the referee crap just puts a negative spin on
a league that want's to do well but has a hard time with the simple stuff.

OP mentioned cross over in his initial post.

There's only so much discussion possible about a photo mix up.

Bye Parwaxi :thdn:

Off topic but....
How do these Parwaxi type of posts get posted all over these types of forums? There's even "work from home" comments on 3DownNation. Most annoying. Do these idiots really get people to open these web pages? This is how they hijack your PC's.
Never, ever click on a link your not absolutely sure of the source. There is so much malicious software out there that you have to be sure of what you click on!!

The 2 game total points was used from 45 to 72 and 86 the west played 2 out of 3