Kudos to Wright and BOG

Well, so far, some pretty impressive news coming out of Peg.

SMS and Instant Replay have been approved. New group of committee chairman.

Gene Dunn i new Chairman of BOG with Bob Young as Vice-Chairman.

Tom Wright's future was not on agenda.
In fact he's on two of the committees.

So, despite the handwringing, uncertainty, speculation and panic expressed over the last few days (yes, I particpated in it to a degree :lol: :lol: ) the CFL sky has not fallen.

In fact, Wright made it a point to applaud the BOG for all their efforts.

Sanity rules in the CFL after all!!! :thup: :thup: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Instant replay will be good for the league, if enough cameras/camera angles are used. Everyone sort of chuckled at it though when it was used in the esks game vs. sask last week, it seemed sort of gimmicky IMO.

SO our postings have crossed, but I agree there may be a chance after all to keep TW around and saner heads may prevail.

Good work, Argotom. Nice to see I wasn't only one out there so interested (paranoid) about what was going to come down with all of this.

Since TW is on two committees --- Rules and Ottawa --- he isn't going anywhere.

good news, hopefully TW will be on for another few seasons as commissioner, Ottawa will be anncoed to come back into the league in 2007 by the Fall time, and the whole RW thing might blow over.