kudos to todays crew

a very well reffed game. :thup: :rockin:


I thought it was so-so.
Lots of missed holds and illegal blocks both ways. Some of the no-yards calls were suspect at best. Riders got a HUGE break with that "fumble recovery" on the sideline.

The refs didn't make any difference in the outcome of the game, so if that is the standard we are aiming for, then yes, it was well officiated. If the goal is to be as close to perfection as possible (I know, I know...actual perfection is impossible, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for it), then I think there is still much work to do.

Not awful, but I wouldn't say it was good enough for kudos.

it was not notable - which in sports that's a good thing - I agree above average for this season but not so stellar :cowboy: I would give kudus

that was a justified fumble recovery. every no yards call shown on tv was justified. every game will have missed holds, its impossible for the very best refs, even if they used 2 crews, to see all the holds. damn players just do it too much.

:lol: That made me lol.