Kudos to Ticats nation packing the rogers centre

Kudos to ticats nation that showed up last night at the rogers centre, it was amazing to see and I had a fantastic time, the atmosphere we made there was awesome. Sections fulled of black and gold and I swear we were louder then the the argo fans themselves especially at the end when we tied it and on the last drive of the game, i'm proud to see our fans come out like that despite the inept team that we have fielded all year long. lets hope we have the same support when we come back in 2014. oskee wee wee and lets fill er up even more next year on labour day.

Couldn't make it for the bus ride, wish I could've but watching it on tv, I could hear you guys Oski-wee-ing over the rest. One of the commentators made the statement that there must be a couple of busloads from Hamilton with the noise. You fans represented us well!
I don't think I would have wanted to be on the buses on the way back though, after the way the game ended. I understand the bus drivers were, frustration and disappointment.

I was on the opposite side of the field from the sections that were packed with Ticats fans (section 134, I think?), and I must say that it was very impressive to feel the energy coming from those fans over there. I had half a mind to get out of my seat, walk around the bowl and join them.

No problem man, I know the Argos around us were pale in the face when we had that do or die touchdown drive at the end and starting howling and screaming like madmen.

Kudos for sure. Most of us have had enough just watching the team play at home. They don't get better they only get worse.

Fantastic post, we where there also in Black and Gold. I feel alot worse today then I did when I got home, Its all sinking in for me now! :frowning: Only thing that will be worse, is if Edmonton losses tonight against the Stamps!
Thanks also from Bruce13thMan for everyone that made the trip down the QEW, we have the Best DIE HARD 13thMan/Women fans in the CFL! :thup: