Kudos to the Ticats defense!

I continue to be impressed with the job Coach Reed, Coach McPhee and the players on the defense are doing to keep us in games until they are just too weary to keep it up.

They can only do so much and have given it their all in countless games.


Yeah cudos to reed for coming up with a D to stop Toronto for a couple of series, then once Toronto figured his blitz's out Reed was absolutely clueless as to what to do.

Its like what I said in my topic, our defence did really good today, but our offence needed to do something, this aint hockey you are not going to win with a 1-0 lead. Maybe someone should tell Pao-Pao that, FIRE HIM lol.

The word "adjustment" is completely lost on this coaching staff.

The defence worked hard and played pretty well under what has to be extremely frustrating circumstances.
So no offense, but a fair defence makes them a half decent team. See, I'm trying to be optimistic too!

Sandy Beveridge, Tim Cheatwood and Devonte Peterson were great contributors on defense tonight.

our defense played well until they threw the ball down field we couldnt stop anything.

Defence was great until they obviously ran out of gas due to being on the field the entire game.

If only the D could score we might have had a shot at winning tonight.

When you hold a team to 20 points in this league you should absolutely win.

We lost because the Defense didn't score any points. With Shaw hurting and Cody getting knocked out of the game , there was no punishing hits down field. If we could have covered Bruce, the Argo's would have been no better than the Cats. A totally boring contest...waste of money....I want my money back....

Agreed. The schemes are bad, the adjustments arent there.

the D looked good, with the blitze package, keep developeing this system!!, BUT it takes competance in co-ordination in all 3 phases of the game,--dont blame the players!!

Kudos to the defense for sure. They have played very well and have really stepped it up in response to the criticism from earlier this season. Now if the offense can only show up....

Did anyone actually cover Arland Bruce all night?

170 yards, was it that hard to get the message?

Crash give me a break they held them to 20 points and your being critical ??? they were on the field the whole bloody game @!!!!!!!

32 Mins out of 60.

Hardly the whole bloody game.

Why is anyone even discussing the defence!

TWO points! Let me repeat TWO points.
Let me refresh your memory as to their production during the last home game.

ZERO points!

For some of you this may mean that the defence is not performing. But I think perhaps the offence is to blame as we do not have even one outstanding player game in game out on that side of the ball.

Crash give your head a shake . They scored a TD in the first half and one in the second and they didnt make adjustments ?? What do you want them to do ? Shut them out ??

They shut them down and gave the offence great field position the whole fist half and nothing was made of it . This and the 2 bad calls should of meant game over in the first half . THIER IS NOTHING WRONG WIT THE DEFENCE !!!!!!!!

no reason not to improve the defense though.

The defense did get worn down though. you could see it as the game progressed... the argo's D didn't because well, they didn't have to work quite so hard to 'shut down' the ticat Offense. our own mistakes did that for them.

If i told you that in every game the defence would only give up one TD in each half would you not take that deal in a minute ???