Kudos to the Swami

More recognition for the CFL playoffs, Grey Cup in Calgary and Anthony Calvillo by Chris Berman on the fast three minutes.

Nice to see a prominent NFL broadcaster giving credit to the CFL.

I couldn't believe my ears! I thought it was dubbed in there hahaha

not the first time he's done it either...

I saw Chris Berman at a Montreal Canadiens game afew years back I believe he lives in a neighbouring state. If you Google Chris Berman there is a lot of stuff about him and the cfl

Good Guy and Nice to talk too
I met him at Sports Dinner in Buffalo a few years ago for Jim Kelly

Anyone have a link to it?

The guy just loves football which is super. :thup:

Free Donated tickets ? Did you upgrade to front row with some extra donations ?

I was very happy to hear Chris Berman mention it was good for the CFL ....Hats off Gave the date and time Named our Championship Grey Cup.. Good deal for the CFL.... :thup:

All i say is WOOP

Boomer is a big Milt Steegal fan as well as the CFL in general.I can imagine Chris doing a CFL commercial using his most quotable line - " Nobody circles the wagons like the CFL". :smiley:
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Melrose...you beat me to the punch on that donation comment. Couldn't have said it better!

just for the topic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Berman .... :thup: :thup:

After the Sports dinner he went to the white house correspondents dinner... gotta stay ontop of things you know.

Yea love the swami. He did a great tribute to Milt Stegal when he was retiring, always mentions the cfl.

People need to take a page from his book! This doesnt have to be CFL VS NFL! We are allowed to love both leagues!

This was back 10 years ago I was working .. I paid Full Price 150.00 For Dinner.

[url=http://www.huntershope.org]www.huntershope.org[/url] it was for Hunters Hope

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