Kudos to the schedule maker

I do believe the schedule maker had a crystal ball this year. Look at the match ups for the final weekend - Bombers hosting Hamilton, BC hosting Edmonton, Calgary in Saskatchewan and Montreal in Toronto. The only team whose play-off position is set is playing the only team guaranteed to not make the play-offs. Every other game has huge implications. WOW!

Winnipeg vs Hamilton will be a good one to watch, this game is going to be a "Blue Out" and Canadian Forces Appreciation Day as well!

It's worked out well, I guess the only way he could have done better is if he had scheduled the Argos for some games agains't junior or CIS teams so they could have had a shot at the playoffs as well. :wink:

The Argos do a lot of great work with Toronto area schools, helping out with football programs & such. Maybe they have a secret motivation... Grooming a team of high school kids to strap on the double blue next year & lead them to the Grey Cup!

The games in the last weekend of the season are huge. First place showdown between Calgary and Sask. 2nd place showdown between Hamilton and Winnipeg. 3rd place and maybe crossover showdown between BC and Edmonton.
This weekend and next will be fantastic for all CFL fans.
Do the schedulers actually take such possiblities into consideration when creating the schedule or is it all based on logistics and traditional rivalries such as the the Labour Day clashes?

Yup, should be some good games! Fans will probably want to stock up on booze for when seasons are ended, and dreams are crushed... :wink:

Considering Toronto and Hamilton have been in the basement with Montreal at the top and there's been parity in the west over recent years then this isn't much of a surprise.

I just hope that nothing major happens this week to ruin any of those games, like the Winnipeg vs. Hamilton game will not mean much if one pulls an upset, and ruins the life and death match the next week.

Winnipeg/Hamilton decides second in the East regardless of what happens this week.

but one would have a clear advantage if they win this week. It wouldn't be the same if they didn't go into the last week with the same record.

I just want the ultimate Hollywood drama here.

At least they have won more games than Hamilton did in 2003. Hamilton only won a single game that year. Worst performence ever.

How would it be a clear advantage ? The winner of that last game is in.Doesn't get any clearer !They don't have to worry about the west, at all.

sorry everyone, I’m not thinking clearly.

I want it to come down to a one win/lose difference, not a two win/lose one, or a tie, the last being for me the worst case scenario.