Kudos to the powers that be

Thanks to Sully and mods for letting that one topic continue as long as they did

I knew today was the end of it. At least it worked for a while.


And a special thanks for shutting down the post debate stuff,

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Some are afraid of the truth.

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Speaking of other Powers That Be, indeed ...Thank you Sully and Mods.

It's one heck of a tougher job now than ever in your hands.


When it comes to analysis of political debate there is no TRUTH ... just belief and opinion

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It's like I said in another thread; the situation has become so polarized that the right self-righteously believes that they have the "truth" and that the left is always wrong about absolutely everything, and the left self-righteously believes precisely the reverse.

I agree with you here, Dan.

On the flip side, I do believe there are some solid folks on here who it seems I can adamantly disagree with (MadJack, Enterprise Captain, FootbalYouBet) but they seem like fairly respectable people who just have a differing view on things.

The "religious bigot" raises a beer to the "fascist" :grinning:

{you have to have read the now-locked thread on the NBA, even though it had precious little to do with the NBA, to understand the references there}

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