Kudos to the CFL

Glad to see that the league is finally starting to deal with the problem of 'botched calls'.
Its a good first step toward improving the officiating and reputation of the CFL.

Now if only the NHL would follow suit, it would be a perfect sports world..

It takes a big person and in this case a great league to admit hey we screwed up and will get it better the next time.
No other league that comes to mind is so progressive.

Argotom how is it going there in liberal town! :lol: :lol:

It takes more than a statement to fix things guys and gals. Until real action is taken to insure that officials are held accountable for these calls, nothing will change.

Time to pay the money and train fulltime professional officials in the CFL

Few leagues have full time officials. Even the FIFA World Cup has part-time officials.

First you have to admit there were mistakes before the next step in correcting or improving the officiating.

Hey Red with all that excess money in Alberta and Cowtown, how about sharing some with us here in the East.
So we can build a football only stadium like your jewel at McMahon. Speaking of which isn't it time to get rid of those god awfull benches still remaining in what one third of the stadium.
No wonder no one usually shows up in the fall to watch, the backside takes a beating in cold weather.

I think they should employ Independant arbitrators to judge each referee's calls...that way Edmonton will surely Win the Cup this year and the Evil Empire will rule forever more

Slag McMahon stadium all you want ( and the player if you feel the need :wink: ) but it's a much much better place to watch a football game than Skydome... err, Rogers Center.

Vastly superior atmosphere and far better sightlines ( might even be the best in the league ).

I've been to a game in both, so I'm not biased :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Oh, and to keep on topic, it was nice to see the league owning up to the botched calls, it's a step in the right direction.

So they admit a couple calls, that is good. Why the refs don't know ALL the rules is beyond me.

The excuse that there are too many rules to memorize is a ridiculous argument.

At least they acknowledge them instead of pretending nothing wrong has happened.

Its a start...but they need to go a lot further. That phantom forward pass interference call in the Winnipeg-Sask game on Sunday for example. I was starting to think the entire officiating crew was from Winnipeg in that game.

And why now? Why didn't they admit to fault on the worst blunder by the officials of the season...that interception that was whistled down in the Montreal-Toronto game early in the season.

The CFL has a LONG way to go with its officials. But good that they owned up to a couple of particularly bad calls on the weekend.

Of course the FIFA world cup has part time officials, its a part time thing. But I would be willing to bet that the officials they get are full time employees of whatever league they usually ref for.

Yes it is good that they owned up to some of the bad calls, but I would rather they just didn’t make the bad calls in the first place.