Kudos to the Cats

I am totally perplexed as to why when the cats do a lousy job on both defense and offence people get all over the players coachs and everyone else. But when they have an execellant game as they had against Edmonton, Not much congratulations flying around. I guess it is a case of Dambed if you do or don’t. Been a cat fan for 54 yrs and never seen a more fickle group of fans in all that time. Sorry for the rant. Just my thoughts.

I guess it is just human nature with sports fans any time their team is playing lousy. In our case, I don't think it was because the team was doing a lousy job but they were doing a lousy job continually, game after game. I these circumstances, people (fans) tend to find something or someone to blame it on. We felt we had the players, and coaching staff, but still doing a terrible job and this is frustrating and confusing. But even though the rants go on and on, we still come out to support the team each game, at least I do.

It's good to see someone who has been around as long as I have.

My take is every time they look good and get praise they fall flat on their face. Every time the media picks them to be a fav they look like dogs. Just keep quiet and maybe they will play well.

I am new to this forum, but read it everyday. As to giving them praise and then they fall on their faces, don't think that is quite accurate, no disrespect intended. During the 60's on through the 80's we had some good teams which thrived on fan support. So in this regard , I believe in giving credit were credit is do, The cats did a great job Sat against Edmonton and deserve full credit for well played thumping.

How did you go about praising the teams in the 60's and 80's? Did the lack of the internet mean no one praised winning teams? :slight_smile:
I think you'll find of the regular posters on this board most are season ticket holders, or at least attend games and give their support more directly than an anonymous post on a message board, the ones that aren't are generally quite supportive here after any win, not just a blow out. Wins or losses both have an accumulative effect on fans, the fifth loss in a row will get way more comments than the first win that breaks that streak. Check again after a fifth straight win and you'll find plenty of praise.

Should we read into the fact that this is your first post that until the Edmonton game you hadn't seen a game where they were worthy of praise? :wink:

^ This. Once they prove to be contenders and finish with winning records you will see praise on these boards. Positive talk about stats, awards and such. They've been losers for the past decade so that's why most people here are so negative. One game does not make the cats great although I would love for them to build off this last game and I'm sure I will, but if they don't it won't be the first time I've been disappointed like a little kid that didn't get to go for ice cream.

For your information. I did not need the internet to voice my appreciation for the team that played in the great city that I grew up in for the first 40 years of my life . From herkimer street to the beach strip to north James st. They were great years to be Cat fan, I miss being at the games with my little Brother, as I Now reside in BC. But never will this Cat fan switch felines. Sorry if some of your delicate feathers were ruffled Gentlemen, not my intent. I just firmly believe that when a team plays well we as fans owe it to them to let it be known. That is in my mind what a true fan does, even though they may live in BC now. Again sorry for any hurt feelings.

If the tables were turned and we were in the position the Cats have been in as respects to the way they have ben playing, and then you have a really great account of yourself, would you not be inspired to play with everything you have the next time. I think so. Just my opinion after 60 yrs of life.

Why do you think you hurt anyone's feelings?
Did you happen to see the winky and smiley faces Mike, and do you understand their significance? A wink here has the same implication it does in real life, a smile, likewise.

If you're capable of voicing your appreciation without the internet why do you think we're not capable of the same thing? Do you think maybe some of us applauded and cheered at the game? I'd suggest that a fan that was at the game and cheered the guys on every down meets the definition of "true fan" just fine. In fact, some people might question whether the anon that showed up here 4 days after the game, only to question other fans actions and not make any statement praising the players himself, meets the definition of what he calls a "true fan". Point out for me Mike where you've done what you accuse others of not doing.
Where have you written a single word of encouragement or high praise for the team? All you've done is try and make other fans here feel like they aren't as good a fan as you are.
Mike, I'm neither hurt nor ruffled, in fact I'm quite entertained by people that think they're somehow better fans than others.

i agree mike being from hamilton all my life i can tell u unless the team hoists the cup they wont get much support from the fans unless its negative. I myself still say were in the playoffs and i wouldnt fall off the chair if we hoist the cup. its not who starts out strong its who finishes strong and last week was a point WELL MADE

Nonsense. There has been a glow and air about this city since Saturday that is hard to explain. Most Cat fans are just enjoying the game and hoping for more. Would not be surprised if many watched the replay last night. Perhaps the lack of posts on the win is due to the fact that the victory is just being savoured and enjoyed. Make no mistake though, the passionate fan will be jumping on this forum if the team serves up stinkers as in the 5 game losing streak.

I can offer many reasons why we won, and why we lost the previous 5 games, but shall not in that I am just happy that the season may have been turned around, and so long as it is in the right directin, I am on board.


Don’t get me wrong, I really believe that the cats deserve a whole bunch of credit for stepping up on Saturday and I’m completely satisfied with the way they won. I was just saying one game isn’t going to make everyone happy all the time. I’m still worried the they will come up flat this week or next week but they have my full suppport.

Lets give the Cats Kudos for going out and making moves to improve their defense in the last week they signed three quality players two of whom made a huge impact on the D Line in their first game. Davis from Calgary at DT and Peguese from BC at DE and special teams. Davis had startedthe game and Peguese was an impact as part of the DE rotation. I would expect Peguese to get the start this week.
Also joining the Cats and will dress this week is DB Ricardo Colclough who could step in and start and is flexible and has a wealth of pro football experience and can play CB, HB, or SAM LB. All three were caught on teams that were deep at thier respective positions so they are fresh, healthy, and excited to get onto the field to make a difference as the Cats had some trouble closing out some games during their losing streak.
If Colclough does not start he may be even more valuable playing a similar role that Lin J shell plays in BC. He is not in the starting line up but his flexibility enables the Lions to move him around and play in many different packages as well as special teams basically seeing as much time on the field as a starter without actually starting.

Just gonna quote myself and say that I've been disappointed again and I'm not surprised. Ticats don't deserve any praise after any game when they go back to losing the next week like they did tonight.

Like a coach I don't evaluate my team and my players on a one game performance. Yes they had a good game against edmonton however it was a combination of a reasonable effort by the TiCats and a poor performance by Edmonton. Joseph looked out of shape and clearly is past his best before date in the CFL. He was not able to make the reads, and determine when the Cats were throwing a blitz at him. Before I commit to jumping all over the Cats bandwagon I want to see a consistent team effort and good play over a series of games. Previously they have been a 500 team and this year maybe less.

Penalties are the killer everytime. Sure Winnipeg did a nice job the first half controlling the ball and keeping the Hamilton Offense on the sideline along with some penalty extending drives but to come out in the second half after tying the game on the first possesion and continue with those Penalties really is no excuse. By the end the defense line was worn alot of was there own fault for silly penalties keeping themselves on the field.
It eats away at a team when you put up a stop and turn around and see a flag for a late hit etc.
hamilton beat themselves and at the same time most likely gave Buck Pierce and Winnipeg false hope.
They will need to pick themselves up brush themselves off and concentrate on the last 6 games as there have been so many teams who have shot themselves in the foot with penalties this year that the team who cleans themselves up the most for the last 6 games will be the teamto beat