Kudos to Taman

Gotta give BT some credit...this is a pretty fair assessment of the game situation IMO. I still think Chamblin is making some poor decisions, but that is always going to happen.

From Pederson:

In a sure sign that the temperature is rising here in the Wheat Province due to the Roughriders' 0-3 start, the team's General Manager came out swinging in his weekly radio appearance Monday on 620 CKRM, the team's radio rightsholder.

Brendan Taman was asked about the second-guessing head coach Corey Chamblin has taken for in-game decisions made in Friday's 35-32 overtime loss at BC. The debate began with the Riders gambling on 3rd-and-1 on their own 47-yard line with 1:00 to go and a three-point lead. They weren't successful, turned the ball over, and the Lions tied the game with a 56-yard field goal sending it to overtime.

Chamblin was further criticized for not gambling in a 3rd-and-1 situation at the BC-26, electing instead to kick a 33-yard field goal. The Lions subsequently won the game with a touchdown on their first possession.

"Well I'm not familiar with what exactly he's getting (the heat) for," Taman said. "I know there's a lot of debate about calls, and why did this and why he did that. I know at the end of the game when we gambled on 3rd-and-a-half yard, we got the first down. Anybody with a brain could see that so that's to be talked about for another day with the league office.

"The thing that happened in overtime, we never got a measurement on that play. So Corey, to his defense, coaches can't ask for measurements anymore so it's up to the refs to decide on how long it is. When they don't measure it, you're gonna presume it's longer than it actually is and everybody could see on TV it actually wasn't that far. I'm not making excuses but some of the heat he's getting is really wrong."

Taman further pointed out that the officials' influence greatly affected Chamblin's strategy.

"It changes a whole bunch of things," Taman explained. "From Corey's vantage point on the bench to that point on the field (in overtime), he can't tell how far it is. And we can't ask for a measurement anymore. If he gets a measurement there, I'll guarantee he's gambling. I'll guarantee he's gambling.

"I'm always going to defend my coach."

Taman also disclosed the team is adding veteran CFL defensive back Geoff Tisdale, a 2014 All Star with the Montreal Alouettes. Tisdale may be pressed into service this Friday when the Riders host the B.C. Lions due to injuries to veteran DB's Tristan Jackson and Weldon Brown.

Taman also said the injury sustained by Canadian special teamer Levi Steinhauer in Friday's fourth quarter is likely season-ending.

And here is CC...clearly feeling some heat...gotta feel for the guy a little...tough place to be a coach at times no doubt
During a lengthy session with reporters following Tuesday's closed Roughrider practice, head coach Corey Chamblin was asked how he's able to keep a thick skin amidst all the criticism around the team and its 0-3 start.

"There's two podiums waiting at the end of the year: a championship podium or a cross," Chamblin began. "And I'm prepared for either one of them. If the fans want a new coach, they can get that 'cuz I'm prepared. What I say by that is I do my best and if they're short-tempered and they want to move on, that's up to management and them. At the end of the day I'll still work and I'll still be a great coach whether it's here in Saskatchewan this year or somewhere else next year or the next couple years.

"To be honest I don't give a damn about that. When they want to come work and put the work in, then they can get the results. Right now we're doing some good things but at the end of the day, just stay patient. When we get that championship, just make sure the guys that want on our team get on that boat with us."

Chamblin also said the thought of being fired doesn't even cross his mind when he lays down at night. All he asks from GM Brendan Taman is that he be honest with him regarding where he stands.

Absolutely I feel for him just as I felt for Tino when he got cut. No one likes to see anyone lose their job and hopefully it doesn't come down to that for Cory. However as shallow as it may sound, it's nothing personal and purely a success related job. Your only as good as your last win. Again it sounds like bull when you hear it's nothing personal because there isn't much more humiliating then losing your job and how can you not take it personally? When you are let go this is saying your not good enough for the job. That is about as personal as it gets. Again I hope it doesn't come down to that.

There is no doubt that being the coach of the Roughriders is a roller coaster of highs and lows. When your winning your a God and nothing you say or do is the wrong thing. Start losing and even worse start off the season on a losing streak and your a bum, washed up, the worse coach ever on the team. This is not unfamiliar to coaches of teams like the Leafs or the Canadians. Like them the Riders are under a microscope every day, every game, every decision, is scrutinized, dissected, analyzed, and often criticized.That is the situation in all 3 centers and the hazard of working or playing for one of the most popular sports team in Canada.

Yes the glory and accolades you receive when your on top are high and probably an ego high for many but you have to be prepared for the criticism and the questioning if things go wrong. Its a double edged sword and one that's blade is razor thin and sharp.

I'm not too worried. This team has proven they are the best 3 and 3/4 quarter football team in the league. If they can start finishing football games they will be one of the best. They dominate 3 and 3/4 quarters of the game, it's just time to finish.

That Chamblain rant just pis ses me off even more. Who the f*** does he think he is. " I will "continue" to be a great coach wherever I am next year or thereafter. The guy takes absolutely zero responsibility for what has gone down these last 9 months, when it is entirely on him. How the hel l do you equate 1 - 13 in your last 14 games as a head coach, and "CONTINUE" to be a great coach in the same sentence is beyond me. The guy is closing in on the futility record for a head coach in the history of the league, yet still considers himself great. Take a look in the mirror and tell us to our face that it was the players that have put this team in the position they are currently in and not your dictatorship approach to things and horrible game mismanagement that has done this.

I think you may be reading a bit too much into that interview. Put yourself in his spot, how many times in the past 4 days has he been asked about the play calling? 15, 20, 30, perhaps as much as 50 times. Now here you are again facing the media and once again they stick the knife in the open wound. Can't blame them, its their job and they hope to get a reaction. Well they got one and maybe he felt what he said was correct but maybe if he could go back he would say it more politically correct but that isn't a luxury he has and that is what the media wants, to get that raw emotional response.

Now as far as him saying that he is a great coach well what is he suppose to say? No I sucked all season at play calling and I'm a terrible coach? How long would he have a job if he did that? I don't have an issue of him thinking he is a good coach, he better believe in himself otherwise its time to retire.

As for his record over the last 14 games can you honestly put that all on his coaching abilities? I know I can't. For example in the Western final last year, did he throw all those picks or fumble the ball or not make the catchs or not tackle on special teams? Obviously no. The same thing in the last loss. Did he miss making tackles on Harris, or not cover the deep receiver that caught the ball that lead to the td that made the game only a field goal difference? Or did he not get the surge off the line to get the half a yard on 3rd down that probably kills the clock? Again obviously no. Point is coaches coach and players have to make the plays.

Now am I saying he is blameless in any of those loses? No because I think he has made mistakes and I'm sure if you asked him that question straight out he would admit to that himself.

Let's face it the Riders are not 0-3 because of one thing but rather the combination of many momentary things or mistakes that add up to their failure. That goes for the players, refs, injuries to key personnel, and yes the play calling of the coaches and the head coach himself. To lay this all at the feet of Cory and point a finger at him and say this is all your fault is not only inaccurate but also unrealistic.

Lets put it this way. Have I ever seen Cory make a call like Pete Carroll did in the Super Bowl game last year and call for a throw that was picked instead of using his back that owned the defense and obviously cost them the title? No.

I saw it more as him saying he needs to satisfy his boss first…and that is BT. As far as the rest he is basically saying he has faith in the team (be on the wagon or whatever he says) and faith in his ability. He also says he works his arse off…which he does…and that will keep him working if some people had their way…because his piers do respect that. I can’t fault him for anything he said there. He has been in an amazingly tough spot this year…the d played better last week the o looks ok one or 2 unfortunate situations cost them. Same as the week before. If they lose this week he will be under a real siege though. I am not happy with the d but he is also in a hard spot…he is also partly to blame for some of the depth issues…at any rate, he maybe said more than he should have but he is as or more frustrated than anyone right now…what looked like a promising team is losing one sixth of its starters weekly.

Now what about Austin going for it on 3rd and a yard and a half with just over 4 mins left just when they got stuffed on 2nd and 2? That was a bad choice and only some good play by the D bailed him out of that. Still Hamilton got hemmed deep and never could get field position back.

A yard and a half is an iffy to poor call with ~4 minutes left. Especially for a team that doesn't really establish a running game and wear out the DL a bit. It is Austin's weak point all too often...lack of willingness to run.

It stuns me that the Cats were even in that game with the turnovers....the goal line stand was impressive...Cato looks like he could be pretty stunning...shame the Riders never kept his rights

The goal-line stand is not really impressive when you consider that Montreal has had massive issues with short yardage so far this season and Bridge is completely inept at the QB sneak. Hamilton has a great D but we lined up empty set three consecutive plays and the QB didn't keep his feet moving. Hopefully Schonert can get that issue sorted out because we will not win many games if we can't execute basic football plays.