Kudos to Ryan Donnelly

Apparently, after 4 years paying his dues with the Ticats

this man from just down the road at Niagara-on-the-Lake

beat out big competion in NFLer Greg Randall
to keep the the Right Tackle position on the O-line
that he ended the season at last year.

Bravo, Ryan!!

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Don't want to rain on your parade Ron...but isn't Jamal Powell going to be our starting Right Offensive Tackle?


Randall is our left.

Well, in both games Randall and Donnely were both listed at right tackle on the depth chart. The left tackles were Powell (now hurt) and Damien Cook. So unless someone has some inside info, its not yet clear who the starting tackles are????

Your right Kid, my mistake I should have said right tackle. But Randell has not been cut so its still open who will start on the right side. Donnely has not locked it up yet.

You are right catfish, Randall hasn't been cut.
He is on the Injury Reserve Roster.

Unless somebody switchs position, I may still be right
about who starts at RT on Saturday in TO though.

Hey Ron. I think they made a mistake on the IR list on our roster list. In the press release and CFL.ca it has Powell on IR, not Randall. Don't get me wrong. Donnelly has perservered, and made solid contributions. I wish him the best. Time will tell, but if I had to guess I'd still see Randall as the starter. Cheers

Thanks novascotiakid!

if Greg Randall is not on the Injury Reserve Roster on CFL.ca

then, my original remarks stand.....

and a WAY TO GO, RYAN!! is in order

since he isn't listed on our active roster, either,

BUT if he accepts a Practice Roster spot
then, my original remarks are premature.


If Greg Randall is healthy, and I believe he is, then he will start at tackle.

Ryan Donnelly will not start over a healthy import assuming the club chooses to manage the ratio in that fashion.

Our site now shows Powell on IR and Randall on the 46 man roster...Cheers