Kudos to Rider fans

The last two minutes of the EDM-SSK game may have been the loudest I have ever a crowd in the CFL ever. Obviously it played a factor in the outcome. Congratulations to the Rider fans. We have some loud fans in the Hammer but we also have some that get mad when you interrupt their afternoon snooze at the game.

There's still some of those in Sask. I think the new stadium helps with the noise levels, as it's more enclosed than the old one. It's not designed quite like IGF in Winnipeg, but it can get loud.

yeah, and a shame 25-30% of the stadium had filed out already....which is brutal.

…that’s going to be a difficult stadium for a visiting team to win a playoff game in…

SRR fans are the best.

SRR, the team, is the worst. :slight_smile:

If only every city would support their team like the Sask Riders fans do. Best fans in the league by far.