Kudos to Pinball & Box G

I got to usher in Box G right behing the Argos bench. Pinball jumped into the stands and signed autographs for at least 20 minutes during the first and second quarter. He genuinely loves doing it and everyone genuinely loves him, Agos and Ticats fans alike. The front row view of the Argos cheerleaders wasn't too shabby either. As for the fans, hats off for making it a good day for Ticats fans and our Argo fan visitors. It was busy but no big troubles. :thup:

From across the field in Sec. 30, it was funny to watch the Argo cheerleaders jumping up and down behind the new on-field signs. It looked like they were hiding and only peeking out to check if it was safe. (The in the final quarter they got out onto the track in the end zone.)