Kudos to Matt Kirk

For playing on both the defensive and offensive front line after the injuries to Hudson and Johnson.

Full props to Kirk but it wouldn't have to happen if they dressed 7 Oline. Dressing only 6 is just insane as it creates situations like today. Kirk looked quite lost on almost every Oline play.

From the National Post:

[i]Both teams also lost their starting right guards — Toronto by sending Chris Van Zeyl out on an unnecessary pass pattern, where he was chopped down, and Hamilton when George Hudson went down in a heap, leaving defensive lineman Matt Kirk to play offensive line for the first time in his life.

“I didn’t know what the hell I was doing,? Kirk admitted. “[But] it’s Labour Day. Crazy things happen.?

So yes, there were plenty of flaws on both sides. Hamilton even screwed up a touchdown celebration, for goodness sakes.

But they’re both professional outfits at the moment, and that’s a change. And in a league where the entire East swings on the health of Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo — whose backup, Chris Leak, looked like he had never seen a football game before in Friday’s loss to B.C. — you never do know. Sometimes, hope even comes to Hamilton[/i]

Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/East ... z0yoDXjLcb

We're lucky it happened late in the game, because he looked lost and was getting embarrassed (As expected). But i'm not complaining, the guy was playing both sides of the ball.

…and a glaring example of why we need a reduction in the Canadian Content Rules!!
We do have some great Canadian players but just not enough to choose from. I thought the rules were going to be relaxed this year but instead the Players Union stepped in and said don’t touch it. But it’s obvious that we need better players on the field, the Canadian content rule as it stands now is not working.

Actually its a case to increase Canadian content but leave the number required on the field as is. We need more Canadian backups if we are going to have 7 on the field at all times

Great job! It was really amazing to see some of our Dlinemen in there in short yardage also.

Seeing Hudson go down was horrible. Kirk has actually been quite a pleasant surprise in his time here. Keep up the good work. He did an admirable job.

Im with you on this one.
I wanna see the best players out there on the field, I don't care where you were born, or what colour your skin is, I just wanna see the best football possible.

You realize Dave Stalla wouldn't be playing. In fact no Canadians would play. Like it or not having Canadians on the roster is crucial to the very existence of the CFL

I normally never agree with AKT but I do here 100%

Without at least a few home grown guys on every team I think Canadians would become a lot less interested over a decade or so.

I'll second that, without a Canadian content rule, this league ceases to be what it's mandate is partly about.

Kirk must have taken some reps at tackle in practice. I'm pretty sure the sweater he changed into with the tackle number on it also had his name on it.

I agree completely with the need to retain Canadian content. It defines our league, and maintains tradition, which is very important. Without that, we become just another Arena League.

But, I would suggest one revision. I have mentioned this before.
Some years back, an American who played in the CFL, WITH THE SAME TEAM, for five consecutive years, was no longer
classed as an import. Hamilton, and indeed Canada, gained some excellent citizens . And it didn't upset the balance by a great degree.

Of course, the easiest way to get more Canadians in the CFL would be to increase the number of teams, but with the possible exception of Ottawa, that's not going to happen in our lifetime.

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The Canadian content rules are fine. Management makes a decision on how to utilize the 42 man roster for game day. So far this year they have mostly gone with 6 o-line. That makes them vulnerable if two guys go down. It's a calculated risk, one that they feel they can take, because if anyone went down, Rottier could move to that position and Hudson (and now Ramsay) could move to right guard. It's a risk, not one I would take, after watching 2 o-line go down on Monday and having watched Toronto lose 2 oline as well.....not to mention Toronto losing two o-line on the same play last year. It happens!!