Kudos to Hamilton city hall

I know I am one who have put down city hall over the years for a few things. But I was reading this morning they allocated money for a skating rink down on the harbourfront, excellent decision, along with more paths at the Red Hill etc. Excellent work there city hall!

Is the skating rink an outdoor or indoor venue?

What do you think of the leafs new coach, I think their still crap next year.

I think the Jays are crap this year. Thanks there city hall.

Yes indeed, great news, especially for the waterfront. (whoknows) Just guessing from the amount alloted, 3 million for this project, which will include a rink, restaurant and improvements to Pier 8, I think it might be a an outdoor/artificial surface pleasure rink, similar to the new one in Burlington.

The new Star Trek movie is 331 days away! :wink:

The article in the Spec didn't get into specifics but yes Mat, probably something like in Burlington I'd imagine.

I know, I know, what does this have to do with football some of you wiseguys :wink: , I get the point. But there is no Hamilton off-topic area, just for Hamilton. Why can't it go here?

Earl, in a round-about way it is a good sign for us football fans. It shows that Silly Hall can act and make decisions when money is available. Maybe one day it will be a new stadium!

Didn't think of it that way Mat but now that you point this out, I agree. Good take.

City To Spend $6 Million On Wish List.

Community centre, waterfront
skating rink approved

The Hamilton Spectator

Nicole Macintyre Jun 10, 2008

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The Provincial is providing the money

but the City picked a lot of good sports
and recreation projects to spend it on

a new community centre and Dr. J. Edgar Davey school
on Ferguson Avenue in the Beasley neighbourhood.

Another $1 million will clean up
contamination in a neighbouring park.

  • $1 million to create city housing in the core.

  • $500,000 to renovate Hammill House in Ancaster
    so it can be used by minor sport associations.

  • $150,000 for a feasibility study on a seniors' residence
    and recreation centre in the lower city.

  • $300,000 for a feasibility study on a welcome centre
    at the QEW and Fifty Road

And a great big kudus to Bill Hall and his talented crew for fixing the very large pothole in front of my house.

That was my first reaction when reading about this money to be spent.

Where's the money for our roads? Have you ever seen worse roads anywhere, ever?

They should leave the potholes unfixed, force people to take public transit. Cars were the worst invention made but they sure make a lot of people a ton of money including the oil czars etc. :wink:

I agree! Earl for mayor and Prime Minister!

These are both fantastic news.
If city hall had anything to do with either of these, I commend them.