Kudos to game 1 refs

simply awesome job refs. simply awesome :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

FIFA will be calling :lol:

Great call FYB! :thup: On the other hand, wow the way this second game is going so far at only 3-0 and just plain ugly, FIFA might consider a trade of some goal scorers in exchange those excellent ref’s from the Riders-Al’s game!

The only call those ref’s missed for sure, of so damn many hard calls to make in real time and of which I can remember, was Dressler offside by two yards. However let’s consider the many other tough calls made mostly correct and the video technology to get it right all the same.

Damnit FIFA you listening! :x

Very good job.I like the fact that if they missed a call,not scared to correct. And yes dressler was offside.Just a great game . Thanks CFL.

I thought the refs were pretty poor actually. At one point of the game they lost track of what down it was.

Not sure about the losing track of downs (didn't see it), but what I did notice is that the refs did not tick anyone off. Yeah, they might have missed a few calls, but not any major ones that left everyone seething mad. Besides, I've yet to see a game in any league (NFL, NHL, World Cup - heaven help us with that one) where there weren't missed or phantom calls. As long as they are relatively minor, and only a few, it doesn't bother me.

The biggest improvement for me was how quickly they made their decisions about the video replays, even the difficult ones. Not sure if that's better training for the refs, better technology, better camera angles, or what. But it seemed like they got it right every time, and did so quickly. I agree with a heartfelt kudos to the refs. Watched bits and pieces of the second game, but not enough to be able to comment on the refs in that game.