Kudos to EVENT STAFF individual.

A memeber of the EVENT STAFF confronted a young woman who was smoking (sneakily, so it appeared she knew it was taboo) This was in Box A. After repeated attempts at some excuses the EVENT STAFF person, politley and firmly let them off with a warning.

Much later in the game, she, or a friend (their were three of them) lit up again, trying to hide it.

Once again the same EVENT STAFFer came down and, once again, the offending person was trying to negotiate or offer excuses. The entire time, this was civil and calm.

A short while later two police officers came down and escorted them out as, yet again, the "young blondes" tried to offer excuses.

Well done EVENT STAFF!

This occured in Box A near the aisle with Sec. 23.

Kudos to this individual!

Hey Captian Kirk great stuff ,I’m over in Sec23 and could smell smoke ,just barely all game ,smelled like Dutch tobaco maybe(like it matters?)…

Then I saw the three ladies escorted polietly out and the one lady was ready for a Cat fight of the wrong kind .

Did you notice how she seemed totally offended and wanted to have a go at the Police officer?

Good decision lady! :roll:

Blame the Police for you smoking!

Thanks for letting me know what that was about.

Good work by the Event staff!

The event staff are great!

One of the guys in the red jumpsuits who throw freebees in the stands didn't really impress me either... Since his cannon I guess shoots too far to attempt one in the endzone, he chose to walk by despite the pleas from fans to toss something...

He proceeded to taunt by blowing a satirical kiss to the endzone fans before walking over to the north stands..

I wouldn't call that a spirit/cheer team member..

I’m trying to imagine what kind of excuse anyone could come up with for smoking in an area it is prohibited. It’s not for health reasons. We all know that.

I’m sure the excuses made sense to them, but not to anyone else.

The fact they were "young blondes" made even more offensive. :wink: