Kudos to Caretaker!

I just want to (again) express how blown away I am by our Caretaker! We, seriously, are extremely fortunate to have an owner who is as approachable and, more importantly and uniquely, 'approaching'.

What spurred this post was my most recent browsing at raisethehammer.org. As those who visit, read and participate there know, this online community is certainly not quite as receptive to a non-core stadium as those on this site.

So, does our Caretaker simply dismiss the arguments presented there? Hell no! Much to my surprise and delight, I see 'Caretaker' articulating the Ticats position and addressing the comments (which, are not necessarily penned in an amicable fashion) as if engaged in a conversation over a coffee or pint. Very refreshing and, in a way, very 'Hamilton'.

As I posted over at raisethehammer, while I don't necessarily with the Ticats stadium location position, I sure am extremely confident about where our city is headed with people like Bob Young involved in shaping our future.

Well said slo. :thup:

Thanks!! Minus the typo...uggh! Note -- add the word "agree" when you notice something's missing!

I think he may have even relented on the whole Argos $uck thing too :slight_smile:

Not so sure where the City is headed with current crop of goofball politicians though. Then again, history tends to repeat itself when it comes to Hamilton Politics.