Kudos on the new Game Tracker

I like the new game tracker a lot more then the old one, that's for sure.

[url=http://gametracker.cfl.ca/newLiveStats/CFL/index.html?GAME_STAT_ID=558898&db_oem_id=26300]http://gametracker.cfl.ca/newLiveStats/ ... m_id=26300[/url]

Not much use on the iPad. Comeon, use HTML5, not flash....

The Playbook.. uses Flash... just sayin'

Now I know which one to get :smiley:

Typing this on my PB and yes, loads Flash. HTML5 may be more of the future but was reading Flash will be around for a while.

Loaded up nicely on the PB BTW.

Yeah, support Balsille and Canadian business!

Yeah but for how long? If the battery doesn't last long enough for en entire game is it really worth it?

My wife reads books on it with it plugged in, stays charged all the time this way. Just buy an extra charger or two, keep one by your sofa near the TV. Yes Flash does use more juice no question which is the purported reason why Apple didn't want to support this on the IPad. Purported reason that is.

One thing is clear, the CFL listens to the complaints of it's fans. Another notch in the belt for Cohon.

its an improvement. they are getting there. nice to see they are trying. Nfl.com still better tho.

New CFL game tracker is cool, looks great. The NFL's game tracker is what it is with so many games going on at once.

Whatever features it has, I'll be happy as long is it's close to real time. There was always a delay of at least a few minutes with the old system.

So much for real time. It's the end of the second quarter of the Ham@Tor game, but none of the second quarter information is showing up. The score is correct, but I got score updates faster from the TiCat forum.

Oh, and it's showing Hamilton in Calgary colours, including their logo. It's the pre-season, mind you, but I hope it improves by the time the season starts.

I just noticed that after reading your post. Strange I must say, but - NOT COOL.

I don't like that the NeuLion banner stays on top when you click on the "more plays" option as it blocks the summary making it unreadable. I think that banner is supposed to be lower on the page. Hopefully they'll move it.

I might be the only person who doesn't like the knew tracker. There's just too much going on. I didn't mind the old one. My only complaint was they didn't update it fast enough. I don't need all the bells and whistles.

Thankfully they still have the link to the old tracker available for you, Chief. I didn't really use it that often so either is fine with me.

Yeah, I saw the link at the top to go back to the old version. I hope they don't get rid of that. :lol:

don't like it doesnt show all the stats just the leaders and team comparisons...