Kuale Released

Richard they were tired of listening to you and finally released him. :smiley:

Problem is Lavarias hasn`t really shown anything and there is only Denson on the practice roster. Unless they try Cash at DE and move in Paxson at DT.

It has been a really tough position for all CFL teams to fill. Foley, Chick, Willis, Julius Williams keep getting recycled. The good ones that hit the league quickly follow Cameron Wake to the NFL - Justin Hickman, Garrett McIntyre, Phillip Hunt.

Alex Hall the most recent good one is apparently headed to the NFL next season.

I have nothing against Ejiro Kuale,the human being, but he was no good as a football player/DE. Won’t be difficult to replace him; Lavarias.although not a top notch player, is definitely better than him; Denson,if he plays,is also better,but I do hope that sooner than later they find/bring someone else. I still don’t understand why they don’t sign De Antonio Colemam,from the Riders’ practice roster.

From RDS: Noel Devine is no longer practicing with first unit of special teams and Anthony was not a practice.


Bang on, well-put. Always tough to see a player released (as a human being) but he was just not getting it done at DE.

From RDS: Noel Devine is no longer practicing with first unit of special teams and Anthony was not a practice.


Good on the former, worried about the latter...

To clarify Anthony's absence, before rumours start, RDS reported "Le quart Anthony Calvillo a dû rater la pratique car il avait des obligations familiales et c’était la même chose pour Brandon Whitaker" (QB Anthony Calvillo had to miss practice because he had family obligations and it was th sam for Brandon Whitaker).

With regards to Noel Devine, RDS is reporting that he is injured and out for 3 to 4 weeks; will most definitely be transferred to injured list,either the 1 game or the 9 games.


And can we take a pass on signing tweener-type DE/LBs for the next year at least? From Kitwana Jones to Rod Davis to Ejiro Kuale, none have been anything to write home about and all have eventually been release for lack of production…

argofans seem to want Kuale back. At least he helped us win a game with his goal line hit against edmonton.

Kuale hit Ray way after he threw a pass on Thursday and was the reason Ray was removed for precaution. No penalty was called but I figured Kuale might still be fined by the league.

Yeah but at least Kuale threw his hands up into the air and said "who me?". That was a dirty hit for sure but I think it was out of frustration at how poorly the team is playing.

As you note DP the teams signing of free agents from other teams has not been great, to say the least Kitwana Jones, Rod Jones, Quale and, the defensive from BC ( can't think of his name at the moment ) did not lead to success.
On the other hand the Als selections in the Canadian Draft has been great)- Mike Eaman, Emery, Lavois ( not as prominent this season) B-Jourdain, etc and etc and etc. Does anyone know who specially scouts the CIS draft?

One could credibly argue that if he had been any good as a DE, we wouldn't have needed him to make a goal-line hit in the first place. Like, dude, generate some effing pressure on the pass rush. :wink: