Krystal Out As AM Host On The Fan

8) Just a mere 5 months after Andrew Krystal started his job as the morning host on the Fan590, he has been removed
  from that job !!

  He apparently will remain with the Fan in another capacity, as a fill in host.

  He had just signed a 3 year contract with the station, but his ratings were even lower than his predessors, Gord Stellick 

   Doug Landry  !!

    I know for a fact that I sure won't miss him.  He was terrible !!!

Me too. . . I won't miss him either, and yes he was terrible !!!

No official announcement, but on the Fan’s website, Krystal’s name has been removed from “The Morning Show” and the new hosts are Greg Brady and some other guy.

Sucks for Krystal, he had a popular show in Halifax.

With all the CFL bashing Roger’s minions do I can’t say I feel sorry for them.

Wait, I have an idea…MIKE HOGAN!

The reason Krystal sucked is he doesn't know enough sports. John Derringer was a disaster until Pat Marsden joined the morning show. Landry was weak because all he knew was curling. Mike Hogan knows sports and should return to his former spot with Blair taking over the morning slot.

seriously, I've never heard of the man.

Just as seriously. . . you didn't miss much.

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TSN Radio? Maybe Hogan will sign with them instead?

ockham: More than 100 comments on that story as of 3pm this afternoon. Maybe 2 who liked him and a couple more who didn't mind him too much but are not surprised he is gone.

The key to success to any TOR sports media outlet is how it covers the Leafs. Despite other sports and teams the Leafs are all that really matters in TOR. Full stop.

Clearly listeners did not take to Crystal's constant , acerbic and often clever degradation of the Leafs. Leaf fans love to bash their own club but will draw the line at a point when it comes to when the media does it. Leafs fans want a personality that can sometimes criticize the team but offer hope even when none exists. Which is why the diplomatic Stellick and Leaf lover Watters keep getting hired in this market - they understand Leaf fans- Leaf fans demand praise when times are good- their hands held when times are tough and want a reason to wake up in the morning.

Any morning show host has to deliver that - key is to package it in an entertaining way. Crystal failed on both counts.

If you remember MoJo Radio on am 640, you might also remember Krystal had an evening geo-politics show. Although I disagreed with him most of the time, his arguments were solid and well presented. I learned quite a bit from him.

Why these media executives think they can shove a square peg into a round hole is beyond me.

Rogers seems to think success lays in a general purpose host like Crystal who can hit all the bases in the morning with sports talk thrown in the mix.

All listeners want is Leaf talk - the right kind of Leaf talk- with a smattering of everything else.

I'm sure ratings would be higher if the Leafs didn't suck like they do. Unfortunately for all those concerned, they are going to continue sucking for another five years at least.

WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Krystal Abomination is NO MORE!!!!!! Best news to come out of that station in 6 month!!!!!

Although I was quite angry at the changes I honestly tried about 5 times to listen to him. Couldn't. Glad he's gone.

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Good story.

Joey Vendetta (?) as new host.
Krystal saying he wasn't fired.

Read on....

i also tried to listen to krystal, but it was painful.
the man couldn't speak, he was actually inarticulate.
i wouldn't have thought he could get a job on a campus station, or a time slot on some podunky 500-watter out in the sticks.
and this is what passes for a brain wave at a market-leading radio station? -- some stumbly/mumbly jim rome wannabe/clone?
here's an idea: bring back mike hogan, please, and thank you...

I am sooo glad he's gone..... I can now go back the Fan590 morining show..he was a total waste of airvand air time!!

That was my first thought, but since hearing about TSN Radio I now hope he gets there instead.

How does this sound so far?

Morning Show: Mike Richards
Mid Day: Mike Hogan
Prime Time: Dan Shulman

God I hope they dont bring in Vendetta,I couldn't stand listening to him at christmas.
It seemed like every 5 minutes he would have to make sure everyone knew that he lived in L.A and he kept dropping big Holly Wood names like we should be impressed.
I actually like Andrew Krystal's show I started listening to The Fan after C.H.M.L did their stupid all news,weather and traffic programming.