Kryptonite, The Earth's Magnetic Poles are Reversing

I just read on MSN that the Earth's Magnetic Poles are reversing. This is serious. The physics of Kryptonite state that it is because the magnetic poles of Krypton have atomically shifted so violently and it is this negative / positive reversal of the lines of force in the creation of Krytonite is what affects Superman so drastically.
If this happens on Earth, we will all be affected and only Superman will be OK. I am more worried about this than I am of terrorism since this spells a disaster for the entire Earth.
I hope our Moderators know what to do and can reassure us and lead us the right way.

.......sorry, cant help you out there...........maybe if your readjust your tinfoil hat things will seem better.......

God, and people think my radical political thinking, alternate histroy, and rules are bad, this is even wrose! and waste of prefect forum space!

hope this is some kind of sick joke.

.........there you go Freddy Boy, our resident self-described loony with more useless posts and psychological baggage than you can shake a stick at has declared your whine and cheese outburst to be a) a new record low in useless storytelling and b) a waste of cyberspace........William Hung doesn't like the way you sing........

Actually I heard an explanation for this from Microsoft earlier. They say it has to do with Paul Godrey getting a real bad migraine headache after Paul Tagliabue indicated at the SB that there will be no expansion of the NFL to Canada for a very, very long time, if ever at all. 8)

Old news fred
Actually it is not shifting but Scientists feel it will happen one day.
They already have evidence of it happening a half doxen time in the past!
It's no biggie!

I hear that the NFL is going to offer instant replay on this event, and they have already bought the rights to brodcast it. They are still trying to figure out a way to make sure the outcome is fixed, last I heard they were almost there. :mrgreen:

uh huh, thanks for that RW (peace sign smilly)

Just open the glass and change the letters on your compass :wink:

I'm assuming the thread was started in jest, but..........
If I remember correctly, I think I heard once that the poles reverse every 10,000 years or so.... but I don't know if that means that it's a constant thing, or if it's something that happens fairly quickly and occurs every 10,000 yrs.

Never did bother to find out, seeing as it most likely won't affect me or anything that I do....

v = yHo

v = frequency, in Hz
Ho = strenght of the magnetic field, in gauss
y = a nuclear constant, the gyromagnetic ratio

that should fix it............

Actually I wanted to know how Kryptonite really affects Superman.

I think that the end of the Ice Age coincided with the sinking of Atlantis.
and this second global warming is being caused by a disaster waiting to happen.

I only spent two years in group therapy, maybe that wasnt enough.
You should see my MMPI scores. Wow. I dd that there Tickle IQ test and scored 144. Speaking of baggage, you should have seen some of the ones that turned up at group therapy.
My shrink retired and they have closed down all of the programs across the country. There are lots more like me running around on the loose.

I think I got it. If I read the y=Ho formula correctly all I have to do is make sure that we degauss our computers frequently and everything will be ok.

I do have the chance to walk over to the port and watch them degause a ship. They pull in here frequently for servicing since it is inexpensive here.

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That was a pretty good wind up but I wanted a shot at the moderators playing Big Brother.

Can anybody come up with really detailed scientific explanation as to how Kryptonite affects Superman. I would like to see one a little more detailed than atomic explosions and radiation. Need a little quantum physics here.

Thinking out loud here. If Kryptonite was really that powerful, Saskatchewan should be cleaning up.

As long as the West beats the East I am happy.
This East-West thing started long before our time and has extended beyond sports.

A case of bad spam ...

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Here's a quarter!.
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